How to block applications Sony Xperia S with root?

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Gerard Paź
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Aug 22, 2016, 1:41:37 PM via Website

I need to set my S Xperia S (with root) to use only Chrome.
No other applications. My phone have Android 4.1.2.
I waiting for some help

rachel gomez
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Nov 9, 2022, 6:41:46 AM via Website

Just like rooting you should unroot your phone whenever you visit customer service office to repair your smartphone or installing operating system updates on your smartphone.

Using Supersu App
Go To Playstore and Download Supersu App.
Open Application and then go to settings page, scroll down and tap on FULL UNROOT.

Using Es File Explorer
Go to play store and download the app ES File Explorer on your Internal Storage
Once installed open the app and click on MENU mentioned on the top left side of the page.
Now tap on Tools and then turn on ROOT EXPLORER.
After turn on Root Explorer go back to the app dashboard and go back to destination “/”.
Now go to folder SYSTEM -> BIN and delete file SU.
Then go back to another folder SYSTEM -> XBIN and delete file SU.
Now go back to folder SYSTEM -> APP and then remove the SUPERUSER.APK file.
Once the files are deleted reboot your phone, congrats your phone is unrooted.

Rachel Gomez

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Dec 28, 2023, 6:40:31 PM via Website

Hello! Sure thing, let's streamline your Xperia S for Chrome-only action. Since your phone is rooted and running Android 4.1.2, here's a simple guide:

App Disabling:

Use a system app disabler or a root file explorer to disable other browsers and apps you want to restrict.
App Permissions:

Review app permissions to make sure Chrome has all it needs.
Settings > Apps > Chrome > Permissions.
Home App Setting:

Set Chrome as your default browser.
Settings > Apps > Chrome > Open by default > Clear defaults (if set) > Open supported links > Choose "Open in this app."
Optional: App Lockers:

Consider using app lockers that support rooted devices to add an extra layer of control.
Update Chrome:

Ensure Chrome is up-to-date for optimal performance and security.
Remember, with great power comes great responsibility! If there are specific challenges you face or if you need more tailored advice, feel free to share more details. Happy browsing! 🌐🚀