Did this person delete me from Whatsapp?

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Jun 18, 2016, 12:08:32 AM via Website

Hello everyone.

Recently i uninstalled Whatsapp on my old cellular phone(Note 4) and bought a new one (Note 6.)

I still kept my old number. However i wanted to give myself a break from Whatsapp and was away for like a month.

When i installed it onto my new Note6, i noticed i could still see all my regular contacts photos except one. This girl i regularly talk to. I could not see her pic at all but could still see her profile. We spoke for a few hours and wondered why i couldnt see her Profile pic yet i could see it on other phones!

So my theory is this. She has her profile pic set up for only HER CONTACTS TO SEE. And being as i couldnt see her pic, was it possible she deleted me from her address book?

*i have to add, the next day i asked her about it, as why i couldnt see her pic, and she claimed that maybe it was my problem. However, while i was typing her a message, her profile pic magically appeared out of nowhere. Which leads me to believe she clicked the "Add" button up top of the message chat.

Am i correct in all of this? Or are there other possibilities?

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Jun 18, 2016, 10:16:05 PM via Website

your theory actually sounds very realistic as there is a setting in whatsapp as u know that allows CONTACTS ONLY to see their profile pics.

the picture suddenly appearing after you commented on it is certainly not smart to do afterwards and so soon.

ofcourse there are other possibilities. but in this case with these circumstances - very unlikely.

hope it helped. good luck.

Warm Regards,



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