Samsung Galaxy S6 — Update I received today

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Apr 15, 2016, 2:20:52 AM via Website

This morning I received a notice from T-Mobile that there was a new update for My Galaxy S6, I said Ok and poured a cup of coffee, 10 Minutes later after the update was finished, I tried to unlock my phone but all that was available was the fingerprint recognition but it would not recognize my fingerprint or give me the option to use a backup password! Every time I tried to unlock with fingerprint, the phone would say " you must wait 60 minutes before trying again!! I finally got fed up and took it down to T-Mobile, But all they could do is a factory reset and I lost all my contacts and pictures!!! Now I cannot download any new apps, or firefox!! Very upset with T-Mobile and Samsung!! Beware if your phone says there is an update that will take ten minutes before you can use your phone!

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Apr 17, 2016, 9:50:30 PM via Website

Wish I had seen your post before I accepted the software update I have received. Think it is from Samsung rather than the mobile providers as I am on EE. I have had the same happen. I have sent a message to Samsung asking for advice on how to fix this. I will be very very annoyed if I loose my information. I use my phone for emergencies due to chronic health & disability so not being able to use it puts me at risk. Not impressed at all. Think this will be an email to Samsung CEO. From what I have been reading since my issue, Samsung have been aware of this problem for years connected with software updates. It would be simple for them to add in a suggestion to back up everything just in case this problem arises and give pointers of where to get advice if it does.

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Apr 18, 2016, 12:32:35 AM via Website

After reading everything I could on how to fix this issue, including checking social media, where people were complaining about the same problem, Samsung were telling them to send their phones into them, and then asking £200 to fix them!!! I decided to go for a factory reset.

I am unable to include the link of the website I followed, but googling how to factory reset with the phone make and model will bring 1 up. Or from my memory it was to power off the phone, then pressing the up volume button/home button/on off button at the same time, until it brings up white writing on a black background, then using the volume buttons to scroll down to 'factory setting' then press power button to select, then 'yes', followed by 'reboot'. But check it if you are unsure.

Yes I have lost everything, but have my phone up and working again, plus have my contact list. When asked on set up if I wanted to put on a fingerprint, guess what the answer was!!!

I am gutted that I have lost valuable photos such as my son's graduation plus the video of it, and other things, but it will make me back up this info more regularly in future. Plus I have learnt now my diary has been destroyed, just how much I use it for my work and day to day matters.

I hope this helps someone, or at least saves them paying Samsung to do the same thing for £200!!

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