marshmallow Note 5 problems

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Apr 14, 2016, 2:18:20 PM via Website

am writing this message to complain about the latest Marshmallow release reached my note 5 , I did update my phone OTA and it was successfully installed, once I navigate the phone and the powr saving is always on I noticed the following proplems:

  1. If you are connecting through the WiFi and use the default browser, you will find an issue as follow: try open the browser and close it using the back button then go back to browser icon and press on it the system will show you a message that no Internet connection or data connection even the WiFi is on and work fine

  2. Samsung Snote sync, when the phone on save mode and try to sync my notes manually the system shows error in the sync : we have a proplem please try again later... when I turn the save mode off then everything works fine.

These are my issues a5bd look for a solution but keep in your mind that I did the following :

  1. Clear the cash from the startup screen.
  2. Reset network setting
  3. Restore factory reset

none of the above details worked with me, I would appreciate if there are fixes to what mentioned above OR I would appreciate if you can provide resolution for the above issues.

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Apr 15, 2016, 1:57:24 PM via Website

Have you tried resetting your router. I have run into this issue a few times in the past. Reset. (unplug your router and wait about 3 minutes and then it back in) your router. On your phone go into system settings, wifi, connections, find your connection, press and hold it until you see the sub menu, tap forget and allow it to remove your connection... After your router has fully booted up, go back into your WiFi settings find your connection and set it up again. This has worked for me in past when I've had wifi problems.

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