The NZT App, a revolution waiting to happen

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Mar 15, 2016, 10:55:54 AM via Website


I'm NZTM and the developer of the NZT App.

The NZT App is a neuro-enhancer in the form of a mobile device application. Using sound stimulation at a very specific frequency it unlocks not only your full intellectual potential, but also changes your way of looking at the world.

The NZT App is for everybody. It can be used by young minds to the elderly, women, men, anyone who wants to experience what a positive ground breaking change and want to transform taking advantage of the human mind vast potential.

The NZT App is all about audio stimulation to induce a very precise frequency your brain. This frequency will "rewire" your brain to an optimal configuration, producing the results you will experience after using it for 10 or more days.

The NZT App is not related to hypnosis, subliminal messages, or other techniques that are not scientifically proven, it is good old fashioned and distilled neuroscience at your service.

You can think...this could be a scam...well, it could, but the thing is it doesn't make any sense to ask someone to try and review something you know in advance it won't work. So, It will give you the results you are expecting from it and fast. In 10 days of continous use (30 mins in the morning and 30 mins before going to bed) you are going to notice it puts you in a extremely good mood, you will feel energized, your focus will skyrocket and your cognitive processes are going to be enhanced, like memory recall. It may also produce in some cases lucid dreams and sudden recall of old memories and experiences.

Get the App from Google Play.

There is a promo video there along with references to the app twitter account, a couple of blogs from current users, and a user's reference guide link.

I'm telling you, if you miss the chance to check it, you'll be missing the next big thing on mobile devices. the hype is starting to build up, so as I told you, don't miss the chance to check it out.

Why NZTM instead of my real name? I know this is going to be ground breaking and once it catches fire it's going to be crazy. I value my privacy, so there you go, that's my reason.

Warm Regards

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