Top Game of 2016 -Rope Crossing Adventure VR

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Mar 1, 2016, 12:04:48 PM via Website

The Rope Crossing Adventure VR is a breathtaking tightrope simulator that puts you directly into one of the most dangerous activities known. Just hold your breath and start the walks over the skies!
Just imagine that you are a tightrope walker walking on a rope resisting the winds which are pushing you left or right to make you fall.
It will be entirely different experience when you wear Google Cardboard glasses or VR Headset and start walking on a tightrope.


How to set things:
+ Start the game on your smartphone
+ Put the Smartphone VR Glasses like 4DUD, Google Cardboard
+ Align your phone in center
+ Check for blurriness... rotate lens for proper focus
+ Wear your Google glasses and enjoy the Rope Crossing Adventure in VR

Movement Controls:
+ Maintain your balance by tilting head left or right
+ Resist winds by tilting head either side
+ can also look around to view the environment

Select any scene from the 4 scenes and enjoy the thrill in VR experience:
1- Over wild animal cages
2- Over City Buildings
3- Over live volcano
4- Over Death Valley

Game Features:
+ Amazingly detailed 3D environments
+ Easy controls just tilt head left or right to maintain balance
+ A unique virtual reality (VR) experience
+ Compatible with virtual reality glasses such as 4DUD, Google Cardboard VR
+ Crisp, Cinema like, HD visuals
+ Developed for high end phones which have Gyro Sensor
+ Cover the distance as much as you can

Cover the distance as much as you can and challenge your friends to beat it....
Become a Tightrope Master by crossing the entire rope successfully.

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Mar 1, 2016, 1:04:03 PM via Website

Sounds nice. But to be honest i would fall everywhere to see what will happen especially over wild animal cages :D

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Mar 1, 2016, 1:17:36 PM via Website

Thanks Tedd N.. you can also get such a android game on your mobile ..

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Mar 6, 2016, 8:36:24 AM via Website

Hi Albert, thanks for sharing. Is this good for all ages?

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Mar 7, 2016, 6:59:35 AM via Website

The description of Real Road Crossing VR

VR Real Road Crossing is more logical and thrilling game supported with all VR Glasses as well as GamePad
Enjoy the real view of road crossing, do not be deaf or blind find your way from mayhem of traffic . All you need is just to cross the busy roads with crazy traffic.

There is bunch of cars and traffic moving with different speed on highway. you need to watch your steps, avoid the fast moving cars and choose accurate time to move. otherwise you will be smashed by the mayhem of crazy traffic.
How to Play:
Using only VR headset:

  • you must have Gyro sensor in your device
    • Put your device into VR glasses like 4DUD or Google Cardboard Glasses

  • align your device in middle of VR headset

  • Check for blurriness, rotate lens for proper focus
    • Use revolving chair or stand in open place

  • You are free to move forward/backward and left/right just rotating on your axis

  • look toward your right or left for stop, observe the traffic flow then go ahead by looking straight

Using Gamepad:

  • Enjoy all features of game using both gamepad and VR Headset
  • VR Headset setting is same as describe above
  • You can move forward & backward using gamepad handles as well as buttons 

Game Features:

  • A great game to relax at any time
  • Test your speed and logical thinking
  • Addictive challenge game for everyone
  • Great Visuals and sounds

Real Road Crossing VR for Android official Trailer

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