Samsung Galaxy Note 4 — android device manager erase function!!!!!

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Feb 27, 2016, 8:09:22 PM via Website

so i have a question regarding the android device manager, when i need to erase everything(lost or stolen) it says will be returned to factory settings does that then mean that the finger print scanner will be switched off and the thief can then use the phone or will the finger print scanner stay active. it would be a bit stupid if you erase everything and make it easier for the thief to use
thanks in advance!!!!;)

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Feb 28, 2016, 2:40:54 PM via Website

The only thing it erases is the personal files like pictures and music. The thing about deleting your files is unless you have the sign in credentials you used to set up your account you won't be able to access the phone. When the phone reboots it will ask for those credentials. It's not like going into the settings and doing a factory reset because you are signed into your account and if you have your security set to finger print or password or pattern you'll verify it before restting it. If you try doing a hard reset with the keys when the phone reboots you are asked to verify the account before it'll continue.

Martin Spencer