Samsung Galaxy Note 3 — Rooting for Total Dummy

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Sam Stone
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Feb 6, 2016, 7:20:14 PM via Website

I have had my Note 3 (and warranty replacements) for 2 years. On disability and can't afford a newer model with family responsibilities. Read a lot about benefits of rooting, and how it might be the answer for all my poo roblems but at my age I am seriously challenged regarding technology. I've even tried reading articles on rooting for dummies but still more than I could confidently attempt. Also, quite a bit of conflicting info regarding which way to go and they all still assume a better understanding of basics than I can grasp entirely (ex: flashing, ROM, what to really do after roiting, what works, what doesn't, what to add,etc). I know it sounds like maybe I should just forget it, but with so many issues with the phone and the fact I can't afford to have someone do it for me this may be the only way to salvage a working phone. Any input appreciated and it's OK to tell me I'm just too ignorant to have anything better than smoke signals for my future communications needs. Thanks.