New to Android...Please help

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Jan 8, 2016, 3:01:18 PM via App

Hey guys! I've always been an iPhone user until I recently purchased an S6 edge. For the first week or so the phone was absolutely awesome! I did notice the phone did get really hot for some reason, but other than that I had no complaints until now...I have only had the phone 3 weeks and it has gotten so sluggish and slow to the point where I want my iPhone back! I have 35 personal apps installed (did have a lot more but recently deleted the ones that I didn't use a lot in hopes that it would speed up my phone, but it didnt). I do have Nova Launcher Pro installed and the only widget I use with it is Amber Weather. I have disabled all of the pre-installed useless apps that it came with that for some reason can't be uninstalled...I am constantly deleting the app and system cache which is really annoying and something never done on an iPhone. I had over 100 apps installed on my iPhone, its funny to think what would happen if I tried installing 100 apps on this phone...I travel a lot for work so I am constantly using Google maps. If I'm listening to Pandora and need to bring up the map really quick it usually takes 4 to 5 seconds for the map to completely load. Any help or tricks would be greatly appreciated! Oh yeah, I've also tried changing the animation settings to 0.5 with no luck...Please help!

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