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Nov 26, 2015, 1:14:18 AM via Website

Hello Fellow Developers,

I am android developer that has launched a couple of apps to date. One problem I have noticed in the app dev industry is the need for more affordable real person testing solutions when I was building my latest app. I would have welcomed a service where I can have real people test my app on multiple devices and help me find bugs I missed. Does anyone feel the same way.

My main question is would you pay for a testing solution service that you can use starting at $5-$10 per real person test?


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Dec 5, 2015, 6:21:04 PM via Website

Real person testing is great but it's expensive. Generally, 3 testers find 60% of the bugs, 9 testers find 95% of the bugs and 15 testers find all of them. If you can afford to pay $10/person than go for 9 persons. If your apps doesn't kick in, you spare $60. If it kicks in, your users will find the bugs sooner than you think :) Anyway, with Android you can never find and fix all bugs because of the fragmentation problem: There are about 20,000 different Android a phones (according to a survey made in September 2015) that a run a certain version of Android. And with Samsung, that's a different thing.

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