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Aug 1, 2015, 9:22:32 PM via App

I just purchased an Asus AC87R router. After installing it, my Textnow app will no longer send messages over wifi, from my Note3, my wife's S5, or my work iPhone 5c. Only over wifi, on data, it works. I plugged to old router back in and they would send over wifi. I tried Text+ and it works so it seems to be a router/Textnow problem. Asus doesn't have an answer yet.

Anyone ever have a router block a specific app? Even with firewall and all security measures turn off, still doesn't work. it does however show traffic from the mac address of the phone in the traffic monitor. Is there a way to make Textnow only use data without having to turn wifi on and off? Anyone have any non-snarky ideas?

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