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Mar 1, 2015, 6:44:11 AM via Website

**Hey !!. Introducing New Android App SAT GRE Vocab

Tired of studying vocabulary for tests like the SAT and GRE the old fashioned way? SAT prep begone! With Word Warfare, you will learn vocabulary while enjoying yourself! No more will you have to spend hours mindlessly going through SAT vocabulary lists, hoping that thirty or so of those words will actually appear on the test. With this app, you'll be able to commit these words to long-term memory in a snap, turning the dreaded process of studying into a satisfying intellectual conquest that would make Napoleon drool.
We have hand-selected words that frequently appear on the actual test, so if you can learn these words, you will have the upper hand come test day. These word games are designed to help you increase your vocabulary in the fastest, most efficient ways possible.
Though your Statistics course has most certainly warned you about the dangers of drawing conclusions from a very small set of data, we claim that Stats is bunk. The developer of this app got a perfect score on the SAT Critical Reading section - twice. There are serious learning algorithms at work when you play these games.
Regardless of whether you're taking the SAT, GRE, GMAT, or another high-stakes test, these words will stay with you for the rest of your life and will add spice to that monotonous essay you have due next week, sleep-inducing resume that's going to be read by an admissions officer or recruiter in the coming months, and charmless love letter you hope to send. Forget GRE prep. Forget SAT vocabulary. This app will change your life. No joke.
In all seriousness, here's how you actually play the game. Choose from two game modes: survival and classic. In survival mode, you have a certain number of lives; categorize words correctly to avoid losing these lives. In classic mode, you must race against the clock to build up a large score. In these two modes, you choose from two games:
- Synonym Farmer:
Group words that are synonymous to the two words at the bottom. Easy, fun way to quickly build up a large word-base.
- Synonym Protector:
Guide the rocket with your finger to destroy all the words that are synonymous to the word at the bottom of the screen.
The higher your accuracy, the more likely you are to earn streak points, which can send your score to stratospheric heights.
If you'd prefer to study vocabulary the long way, this app has a built in vocabulary list with over 500 words and their definitions (available only in the pro version). This list also has advanced search functionality, along with text-to-speech capabilities.
So, if you want to get a perfect score on your SAT or GRE Critical Reading, download this app now! Spend a little time going through the game and the SAT / GRE vocab list every day to ensure you will do great on test day.**

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