Samsung Galaxy S5 — External SD Card FIX needed to write, edit, move, rename, delete using non-stock, 3rd party Apps

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Feb 11, 2015, 6:07:47 PM via Website

If any of you Galaxy S5 owners with the KitKat software who bought an external Samsung 32GB SD card to up your storage capability (like I did): you may (or may not) have yet discovered: (It's been all over the internet) - nobody can delete, rename, move or EDIT anything on the external SD card they added: using a non-stock, 3rd party app! Which to me: means I cannot use the "Quick Pic" photo App where I store all my organized, alphabetized 2,000+ pictures in 77 organized, alphabetized folders that I began using 2 years ago with my previous Droid Razr Maxx because the stock "Gallery App" sucked--as it would never allow alphabetization, so all one got was a 'mishmash' of photos. Oh yeah, I've read there ARE fixes... but you'd have to "root" your phone and I won't do that because it cancels my warranty. Now, I read in Oct, Nov, Dec: that it sounded like the Android 5.0 "might fix this SD Card write protection issue". I should live so long! So, I pulled out the SD card I just installed.... to wait! It's a bummer, because my old maxx had 32GB internal memory whereas the galaxy S5 only has 16GB! (Right now, I still have NOT transferred my photo managerie to my galaxy.) UNTIL this issue is 'FIXED'... (so I CAN use the "Quick Pic App" I prefer), I'm now researching IF the stock "Gallery App" ever got changed (updated/improved) on the galaxy S5 (vs the droid razr maxx) so the photos AND folders would automatically alphabetize. If SO, then I understand using the stock Gallery App WOULD allow renaming, moving, editing, deleting on the inserted 32GB SD Card! The BIG Question is IF this upcoming Lollipop Update WILL fix this issue!?