Samsung Galaxy S3 — Contact storage screwed up!

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Dec 17, 2014, 8:23:58 PM via Website

Until recently, when I entered a new contact, it was automatically saved to Google and to the SIM card. Now it automatically saves it to the phone -- the dumbest place! I did recently notice there is a new drop-down list near the top which lets you choose whether to save it to the Phone (why?), the SIM card OR Google contacts but you can only select one of those. The default is "Phone." Because I only noticed this "upgrade" recently, I have a bunch of contacts that I need to copy to paper, delete from my phone, and the re-install on both Google and SIM. How can I get rid of this PoS update and go back to the way it was?

Also, how can I contact the idiot programmers at android to tell them what I think of this idea? The site does not have a place for feedback.

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