[FREE Andriod GAME] Our games need your feedback

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Oct 31, 2014, 6:43:18 AM via Website

Hello, everyone! Nice to meet you all. These are our free android games:

Last Guardians: it is a action single game. The world in Last Guardians is submitted by dark forces, leaving only last guardians fight to bring light back to the land. This game is super tough, mobs are pretty strong, and I really enjoy the pleasure that this game brings me. If you like the fighting games, you shouldn’t miss it!

Lost Treasure: it is a strategy war game. In this northern Europe pirates world, you will act as a island owner. To build pirate fleets and recruit legendary heroes with your island and people. To power up, strengthen up, and to be the one on the top who dominates the ocean. The only way to protect your land and defeat powerful enemies is to fight on and on. This game gives player an ample space to perform their own wisdom and skills.

Beauties Fights Zombies 2014:In the game Beauties Fights Zombies 2014 you will carry out a role of a mercenary who tries to protect the last land of human being by fighting against zombies. Your task is to blow their heads with the weapon in your hand before they get to you.

All the games can be found in GOOGLEPLAY

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