What app/software gives me a Contact Manager for both PC AND Phone -- AND are standalone - AND sync?

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Oct 15, 2014, 1:11:49 AM via Website

Help! (I've been searching for hours, googling and Playstore, trying to find an affordable software–app combination.)

(1) I need a software and/or app to manage my contacts, both on my phone (HTC One X, 4.2) and my PC (Win7).
(2) Data should reside in each of the devices, not in a cloud.
(3) I need to edit contacts on my PC, but the PHONE SHOULD NOT HAVE TO BE CONNECTED in any way to the PC (standalone).
(4) I need to sync both from PC to phone, and vice versa (USB or bluetooth).
(5) I need to edit contacts on my phone, and want to use the contact manager as my phone's directory and dialer.

What app and/or software does this for me?


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