Which custom ROM is the best for the HTC One X

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Sep 30, 2014, 1:00:33 PM via Website


I am thinking about using a custom ROM (first time for me) and
I was wondering which one is the best for the HTC One X (European model).
I came across CM11 and Evervolv and would like to know if it is really worth the hassle
or can I better stick to stock Android? What are the dis-/advantages?

Would you be so generous and share your experiences with me?

Thanks a lot in advance.

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Oct 19, 2014, 1:53:12 PM via Website

Hey Gerard, So you are planning to root down your device to enjoy custom skins out ...(cool), okay coming back to your question every custom ROM has their own features and advantages, which means for me both of the ROM you have opted is good to go with :) I don't have the idea about Evervolv but I have used CM11 personally. So I know going forward with it's much more preferred. :)

If i talk about disadvantages then I would say sometimes custom ROM may posses unseen bugs which results in poor battery, performance etc.. so its often said to remain with stock ROM, another major disadvantage I can thought of is the flashing custom ROM requires rooting your device and rootin the device means your warranty gets void :( So, I would say you better not to do that if you have purchased the device recently and have an active warranty. (lightbulb)

But if you what you're upto then go ahead try custom ROM out they are way more cool than stock ROM my vote goes for CM11. (cool)

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Oct 19, 2014, 11:43:41 PM via Website

I used to have the One X, and there are a few really good roms. It depends what you want of course; If you go for a generic custom rom like CyanogenMod, AOKP, and others then you'll lose the proprietary apps like the launcher, camera, music player, messages etc (they'll be replaced with CM apps or similar) but you will get a whole new range of customisations and functions. If you prefer Sense as it is, then there are a few roms that offer more speed and better battery life, some have further theming and customisation too. Personally I found CM11 a bit heavy on battery usage and a little unstable, though that was an experimental release, and preferred stock based roms like Android Revolution. Data-wise, use apps like SMS backup/restore to save your messages (there's one for the call log too) and Titanium Backup to save your apps and app data, so all you have to lose is half an hour (theoretically ;) to root, unlock, flash, setup.


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Jul 31, 2015, 9:59:57 PM via Website

Did you try resurrection remix custom rom for htc one x it is one of the best feature rich rom available for this device and is my my favourite one.