4 Pics 1 Word - solutions for levels 1 to 20

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Aug 26, 2014, 3:15:49 PM via Website

1: Ball
A football in the net, Old drawing of dancing parties, Basketball, Detail of a golfer
2: Bat
Flying bat, Cartoon of an old church next to a cementery with bats flying in moonlight, Baseball ball and bat lying on grass, Cricket ball and bat lying on grass
3: Beans
Cup of espresso and fresh coffee beans, Green beans, Soy beans and soy field, White beans in tomato sauce
4: Bicycle
Detail on black bicycle seat, Detail on a bicycle secured by a chain and lock, Detail on a red bicycle bell, Detail on lubricating a bicycle chain
5: Can
Aluminium can, Milk can, Blue plastic canister, Trash can
6: Children
Jumping kids, Kids writing, Kids at school, Young children
7: Date
Detail view on a calendar with blue and red pins, A smiling men dreaming of a loved woman, Dried dates cluster, A smiling woman drinking wine with a man in a restaurant
8: Dirty
Couple jumping and playing in on grass being sprinkled, A women loading a washer with dirty clothes, Two dirty pigs, Detail of a dirty mountain bike
9: Drink
A women enjoying a coffee in the morning, A cat licking water, A women drinking water from a clear plastic bottle, A baby drinking from a baby bottle
10: Fish
A trout fish, Sunset over a lake overlooking an old wooden pier with old boats, Fishing hook, Grilled fish steak served on fresh vegetable salad
11: Fruit
handcuffs, camera, photographer, handcuffed arms, hands, house trap with cheese
12: Gift
Boy and girl with a big gift box, Red gift box, Boy with a gift box, Happy girl with a small white gift box
13: Hero
A boy in a hero costume, Green cartoon hero figure, Knight astride a horse, Cartoon hero atop a hill
14: Inhale
A sick man curing over steam, A woman using inhalator, Human lungs colored red, A woman exercising yoga
15: Island
Aerial view of a heart shaped island surrounded by turquoise water, Palm tree on white beach looking at a sail boat, Coastal line of a small island surrounded by blue sea, Fisherman
16: Jump
Male athlete performing a high jump, Girl performing a dance jump, A skier performing a freestyle ski jump, A boy on a stylish dance jump
17: Mother
Smiling mother holding a baby, Sleeping pregnant women in white shirt, White goose with followed by yellow goslings, Lioness guarding their cubs
18: Motivate
Net made of joined hands, Coach talking to young soccer players, Fitness trainer helping a woman train abs, Mother helping her daughter with homework
19: Navy
Two submarines, A woman posing in dark blue blouse, Soldier accessories, A mariner saluting
20: Pair
Two hamburgers, A pair of leather shoes, Two ladybugs on a leaf, A pair of red and white stripes socks

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Thanks for the info now i can continue further to lvl 21..

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Sorry I didn't get what this post is about. Can you explain some of them (at least) ?
I'm sure they are meaningful but I can't put them together.
Thank you.

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4 pics in 1 word is a Mobile Game available on Android and Ios both developed by LOTUM GmbH in which the gamer(user) sees 4 picture and have to define it in one word. with 10 million downloads over google play store.

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Sorry Scott
I don't play games on my computers.

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thanks alot

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Thanks Great Work

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Useful information

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