Athlete producer looking for Sporty Developer asap

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Aug 3, 2014, 1:13:43 PM via Website


Im a producer, fitness model and UKBFF physique competitor and i'm looking for a developer also into gym/free weight training/lifting/sport/fitness/injury prevention etc, interested to work in partnership for a innovative fitness app I'm developing.

Is this YOU? Or someone you know? If so, please get in touch

More info below, or visit, or email me at rawpotential AT


About the App

Raw Potential is an app which allows sports people to get visual feedback on their exercise technique; allowing them to ensure they are training correctly, efficiently and safely - thus helping them progress faster and reducing their risk of injury

The Opportunity

I am looking for a developer who is also passionate about sport/fitness/weight training/injury prevention to be a key part in the development of the Raw Potential App, and has the time and commitment to partner with me in taking the product from development to release.

Is this you?

If this is you, I would love to hear more about what motivates and inspires you; what sports/fitness are you into, how do you work, what other projects you've worked on, what are your future goals and ambitions.

About me

My name is Liu (female) and I am a fitness model and national level physique competitor, who is really in the training and sport! I used to be a Great Britain wakeboarder before a suffered a major injury, which was actually the inspiration behind this app.

As well as being in inventor/entrepreneur behind the Raw Potential app, I am also an animation producer. Having studied at Loughborough University I have links there, were I hope to fully test the app during development. I also have close connections with multiple physiotherapists, orthopaedic surgeons, personal trainers, gym owners, photo/videographers.

Other projects Ive set up

Sports Injury Community - - Helping athletes share, motivate and inspire each other through injury

Liu Batchelor Sports Art - - As a freelance artists, I also create sports based paintings and content

Raw Origins - - Set up with my partner, our motivational tumblr page has almost 20,000 followers from just 35 unique .gifs

New Steps

You can see more info about the present stage in development of the Raw Potential app on the now closed Indiegogo page

If you are interested in the opportunity to be a key part in the development of the Raw Potential App, please email me (Liu) with more information about you and what inspires you, to RawPotential AT