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There are several battery related apps out there in Play Store and third party stores.

Why "Battery Kit" app?

★★★ Here the Reason ★★★

As a ANDROID user, I always feel the need of a Battery app for Alarm, Calibrator, Wipe, Wakelocks, Charging history, Battery stat, Cpu state, Process, Syn off, Power saver, Custom Battery Voltage, Task killer, & Benchmark Testing,. Your search ends here, Battery Kit is all you need.

★★★★★★★★★★★★★ Battery Kit ★★★★★★★★★★★★★★

------ FEATURES ------
★★★ Battery Benchmark Testing ( 1 Video, 2 Networks, 3 Audio)
★★★ Advanced Battery Stats( 1 Charge Levels, 2 Graphical Stats)
★★★ Battery History Data ( 1 History Data, 2 Battery Indicator, 3 Charging History )
★★★ Super Advanced Stats (1 Chart View, 2 PIE View, 3 Stat View )
★★★ Wakelock Activities ( 1 Kernel Wakelocks, 2 Partial Wakelock, 3 CPU States )
★★★ Battery Utilities ( 1 Battery, Temperature, Health Fail Alarm 2 App Killer, 3 Power Saver Mode )
★★★ Battery Calibrator!!!
★★★ Battery Wipe!!!
★★★ Battery Life Cycle count !!! ( Checking the possibility ) Future update.

Why you need --------- “ BATTERY KIT ” ---------

★★ One App Solution
★★ Easy to use with clear description
★★ Monitor your Battery with clear datas
★★ Do Battery calibrator, Wipe, etc...
★★ Alarm – Battery Full, Temperature, Health Fail etc..
★★ Battery Custom Voltage.
★★ Battery bench-marking Testing (Audio, Video, Networks).
★★ Advance App killer .
★★ Easy to findout, App battery consumption.
★★ Battery bench-marking Testing (Audio, Video, Networks)
★★ Everything you required for Battery, etc..

Reason --------- Why Battery Fails -------

★ Free apps ads Consume 40 to 50% battery,
★ Temperature goes above certain level
★ Using different charges which has High Voltage
★ Charging the Battery over night
★ Charging the Battery very frequent (like 60 to 100).
★ Auto Sync Always on.
★ Kept the device in died condition for a longer time( Maybe 3+ days, etc..)
★ GPS, Brightness, Bluetooth, Data connection On, this will kill the battery....
★ Etc...................................

Battery Benchmark Testing

1 Video, 2 Networks, 3 Audio

Everyone would love to know how many hours of video, audio or browsing can last in their android device. This app is really meant for you guyz out there....

The test runs until the battery reaches 100 to 03% and considered that test is complete at that point and results will get displayed.
This Utility tool is used to measure the battery statistics on your Android device with respect to Video & Audio playback and Browsing the internet.

This App will allow you to approximate the battery usage of an audio file with a specific bit-rate or a video file with a particular resolution and see the battery consumption rate/minute. You can also check the battery consumption rate for 10 standard url's with the browser test.

Advanced Battery Stats

1 Charge Levels, 2 Graphical Stats

I am sure most of us curious to know how we are charging our battery of android devices. This app will lets you know the complete information with the help of charging level graph.

Graphical Stats – This is the super advance version of battery stats, you can find out what is happening on your android device, i.e. Awake, Screen On, Charging, Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth etc. It will make you understand better and save your battery big time.

Battery History Data

1 History Data, 2 Battery Indicator, 3 Charging History

History Data – The battery history data has complete informaton about the battery including Power, Volt,Screen, Hardware etc
Battery Indicator – This will lets you understand the specific app/features that consumes more battery, i.e. Screen,android system,WiFi,whatsapp, FB etc

Charging History – Smartphone users would love this app, this will allow you to understand how many times you connected the charger and disconnected, what is the charging level, current battery level, battery volt, weather you used to charge USB or AC, etc... You can downlaod the data and mail...

Super Advanced Stats

1 Chart View, 2 PIE View, 3 Stat View

This will allow you to view or compare battery usage in a very detailed manner, it will display super advanced battery stats based on the LCD, CPU, WiFi, 3G, GPS, Audio, Video, Current power, Average power, Current, Voltage & Battery Temperature

Wakelock Activities

1 Kernel Wakelocks, 2 Partial Wakelock, 3 CPU States

Kernel wakelocks are low level/hardware wakelocks from the kernel. We can only reduce these by modifying the kernel or reducing the usage of a certain feature of the kernel. By researching these we can improve the battery consumption and performance of the Kernel.

Partial wakelocks are wakelocks from apps. These can be reduced by uninstalling or disabling features in software. We can talk about those here too though it shouldn't be the focus as the answer will be "Uninstall/Disable feature X and talk to the app author". Preferably we should talk about partial wakelocks from Google services like maps and latitude.

CPU spent in each of several states, displayed as percentages. The numbers reflect the percentage of the time since the last screen update that the CPu spent in each state. The output for this line requires past history, and it is not shown on the first display that top produces.

A process is a collection of interrelated work tasks initiated in response to an event that achieves a specific result for the user of the process.

Othere are depend on the usage of the applicaiton and etc...

Battery Utilities

1 Battery Alarm, 2 App Killer, 3 Power Saver Mode

Battery Alarm – this will notify you when the battery reaches 100% , so that you can remove the charger and save energy. This will protect your battery and those saved energy can be precious for someone else.

By keeping the Energy Conservation in mind we have developed 'Battery 100% Alarm' app which will notify you by alarming on 100% charging of battery.

Become fully charged, Charges drops below certain %, charge rises above, Temperature rise above, this will affect our health

App killer – This feature will allow you to kill all the background running applications, which will save your battery.

Power saver mode – This mode will allow you to save lot of power..... This might force disable the app to save power...

Calibrators – You should use this when you think that your battery is acting wired and performing bad.

Battery Calibration also shows you some battery parameters like temperature, charge level, general condition, etc.

How should you use Battery Calibration? Here is some manual:

1) Charge your device until the battery reaches 100%.
2) Click 'Calibrate!' button.
3) Let the battery completely discharge.
4) Charge the battery again till it reaches 100%.
History Cleaner – Memory Boost/Task Killer - Boosting apps and games speed is much easier with the help of history cleaner
Clean - Delete those junk files (cache and residual) that take up valuable storage space
Clear - Protect your privacy by deleting personal information like your searched keywords and browser history
Open Source Project - The Source code will be added in Git in few days..

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