Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 — fix for continues reboots caused by new update

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Jan 22, 2014, 1:04:21 PM via Website

I recently had the problem that my tab was rebooting every few minutes, and after some looking i found out the problem, it wasnt the wifi as some other forums are saying and it definetly didnt need a full factory swipe, i found out that there was a new usefull but buggy feature in the latest original firmware update (4.2.2 jellybean ), first i thought it was faulty hardware becous after removing the sd card the rebooting stopped, then i checked the sdcard on my pc and i discovered that there was a new folder .android_secure wich was invisible on the device but visible on the pc and it was containing a couple files with the full names of some of my apps what i now think where encrypted installed apks, i was thinking it was a backup of some sort that crashed partway and never thought it where installed apps becous this tablet is famous for not being able to install or place apps on the sd card, so i deleted the folder, with the sdcard out of the device i checked my tablet for the apps in the folder and idiscovered that they where gone, i was flabergasted becous it seems that my tablet did something new and checked everything and found out i had only about 700 MB free space on the internal memory and a quick math knowing that the folder .android_secure was about 300 MB big and the apps in the folder where provious installed on the device i guessed there was only 400 mb free space on the device when it started to place the apps on the sd card, so i did some testing and placed the sd card back in the device waited 10 min and then the device rebooted again on its own, so i checked the sdcard again and there was the hidden folder again, doing this a couple times i figured out that the tablet stops making the hidden folder when there was more than 1gb of free space and started copying random apps to the sd card when there was less than 1gb free space trying to get back tho +1gb free space, so i descovered a new feature wich is nice, and a new bug wich isnt nice, but i fixed the reboots by simply making some space on the device and removing the folder from the sdcard and now have a working tablet without doing a full factory swipe, and i am hoping there is soon a update that fixes the problem, and that people having the same problem can fix it now. Remember that the .android_secure folder is hidden on the tablet but shows on a pc wich is possible the reason that a lot of people dont know about it.

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Jan 22, 2014, 2:16:50 PM via Website

The android_secure folder is where the android system moves app data to sd, normally for apps with a large amount of data or if the internal memory is running low. But when an app is uninstalled, the data may not be, it's been an unofficial 'bug' since Froyo(android 2.1).


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