Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 — Galaxy Note Being Ignored?

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Sep 27, 2013, 7:27:52 PM via Website

Why is it that the original Galaxy Note is being ignored when it come to updating the softtware. The newest models seem to get updated at first (and the original maybe not at all). Those of us who took a big chance and bought the original unit are now being ignored in favor of the newer purchasers. It seems logical that Samsung and Android would want to foster a long term relationship and continue to service their oldest purchasers rather than the newer ones. It is all too similar to what Dell did with the Streak when it just stoped supporting the unit altogether--but, then the Streak was just a a"brick" to begin with. What do the first buyers of the Note have to do to get their units updated? Any suggestions or comments>

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Feb 10, 2014, 7:40:39 PM via Website


AFAIK Samsung's policy regarding OS upgrades for Android phones is to delivery official ROMs up to 18 months after the phone release date. That's why those who bought the Note with GB 2.3 then received the upgrade to ICS 4.04 in 2011 or 2012 (I don't remember) and then to JB 4.1.2 in Feb 2013. And it'll be the last official upgrade.


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Feb 10, 2014, 9:09:02 PM via Website

I guess that since I am not very skeptical about most things, I'm sure that Samsung's 18 month software update cutoff has nothing to do with marketing new smartphones. In that case, I think I will wait for the new "large" iPhone and return to the Apple family since they tend tor reward customer loyalty. Thanks for your informative response.


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Feb 12, 2014, 11:02:11 AM via Website

well, @daniel this is the problem with the samsung devices they will get updates after 10-11 months of launch of new version, means if if KitKat is launched today than you will get it in the end of this year, You also need to understand that samsung is the leader of Android powered devices in the market and has a huge collection of devices to be updated, So what they do is they first update its high end or new devices and leaves the older devices. In fact i am also the one suffering from this demerits of samsung as still i am also in the 4.2.2 JellyBean.