Galaxy S3 i9300 international.

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Aug 22, 2013, 3:02:06 PM via Website

Hi, I'm old,as in age,but new as a member. I read lots of articles of 4.2.2 or 4.3 upgrades to a good few devices,but I see nothing on the horizon for the S3 International i9300. Anyone got a crystal ball?

I'm sure this a fundemental question but how can I improve my screen display in daylight. S'wonderful in the dark but I can see sweet Fanny Adams outside in the sun. Is there a quick fix or do I have buy an owl?([email protected])

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Aug 22, 2013, 4:07:42 PM via Website

I have a Galaxy S3 and unfortunately have the same problem. The reason this happens is because this device has an AMOLED screen which has a bad reputation for outdoor visibility. LCD displays are better for outside, though this piece of info doesn't really help your problem ;)
Here are a few tricks:
  • uncheck the auto brightness and raise the level to the max. Hold it at a sharper angle rather than totally flat and make sure that the sun isn't directly hitting the screen or it will just reflect off into your eyes. Other than that, hold it closer to your face.
  • Some other people also suggest not cranking the brightness to full capacity and merely half way. So you should fiddle around with it a bit.
  • Others go as far as saying clean your screen so that is grease-free, don't wear sunglasses, use a negative colors widget on your home screen or simply use your own body as shade.
  • You could also turn off power saving mode and increase brightness level all the way up.
This a general problem with smartphones however, but maybe these little tricks have helped.
Let us know!<_<

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Feb 22, 2014, 6:21:53 PM via Website

Loie, I actually got the OTA for my S3, After all my moaning, I really have no idea what it has added to my 70year life. I actually feel like a prize twit after all my moanining and groaning,I think I expected the Second Coming of the Messiah or the Beatles revival, Anyway,pretty child I am at least pleased that the world did not forget me,just yet.