ROCK Naked Series Slim Back Cover Case for HTC One M7

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May 24, 2013, 5:19:47 PM via Website

Everybody enjoys owning his/her dream phone, especially when it is brand new. Some people may actually get a bit too scrupulous about their HTC's immaculate, yet delicate finish. Others may not be that sensitive about their cell's newness but one thing is uniformly true for all of us: we do like new things more than our old ones. The mobile phone covers are a smart solution to the problem as they protect, as well as personalize your cell phone the way you like.

Here, I am going to bring up some characteristics of different phone covers so that you can avoid wasting money by either buying wrongly, or not buying one at all.

First, I'll come to the really secure, abrasion-resistant and hard-hitting covers that won't break with drop, and you can safely consider buying one for yourself. Hard, ABS plastic cases can effectively be used as protective due to their extra toughness and resulting durability. Also, these cases weigh less and look good, thanks to the catchy design variety of these decals.

Besides encasing your HTC for protection, you may also like to improve your grip on the cell's glossy surface, or round off the edges for comfort, or to put it shortly - tweak the ergonomics of your set to perfection. A flexible, yet elastic crystal silicone case is the most durably ergonomic solution, which lets you hold the set comfortably, firmly and thus safely too. However, even with the firmer grip, you may drop your cell still. In that case, the crystal-silicone won't last as good the hard-plastic does.

In the end, I must say call a good cover for cell phone, "A wise investment" as this valuable add-on keeps your beloved cell phone safe and increases its life very inexpensively. If you do not use a standard cover, your mobile will surely lose its attraction before long. HTC One covers are professionally, custom made; you can choose one from a variety of plastic, silicon and premium leather cases.

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