Galaxy Mini Bloat is out of control - What is gobbling up all that storage

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Oct 26, 2012, 7:03:16 AM via Website

My little Galaxy Mini is about a year old. Bought in Singapore, used in New Zealand and unable to have the firmware upgraded. The only issue is that the phone's storage is vanishing,

At the moment I have 569MB available on the SD card and only 15.76 available on the internal storage. I messed about with something else, uninstalled MightyText so I could reinstall it, discovered the real problem but it won't let me install MightyText back again - and MightyText is my #1 must-have app.

When I first got the phone I installed Skype, Viber, online shopping, diet trackers, games, you name it. Now I have the core apps, audible, strava, sms cleaner (why is that not core functionality?), call informer, sms popup (again, should be core), KiwiCam, subway and airdroid. Gone are the "fun" things like seesmic for facebook.

Strava is an obvious target for using alot of space but according to the applications record the data is very light.

Some messages come up with the viber icon which disturbs me... if I've uninstalled the app what are the icons doing still on my phone?

I'm happy to root it but haven't seen any evidence that that will release the space.

What is gobbling up all this disk space and how do I retrieve it?

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Oct 28, 2012, 10:33:40 PM via Website

I've done a factory reset and reinstalled my fave apps and I still have 80k more space than before. I'll be a bit more circumspect about installing apps in the future knowing that deleting them doesn't really delete them. The reset process was so easy - and Google Play gives you a list of apps you have bought and then all the apps you have ever installed so you don't need to search and hope you have found the right ones.