Samsung Galaxy S2 — Slow to charge, high battery temperature and crashing

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Jun 29, 2011, 11:19:38 AM via Website

My SGS2 crashed today while I was watching a video in MoboPlayer and then when I came home it wouldn't let me charge because it said that the temperature was too high. Downloaded Battery Monitor to check and it was 66C. Then I rebooted it and it went back to around 37C to let me start charging.

For some reason, my battery is also only lasting me about half a day. Do you think it's a faulty battery or normal? Thanks!

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Sep 22, 2011, 11:53:11 AM via Website

I've heard of some seriously high temps with the Galaxy S2 but that's really over the top. I wouldn't say you have to take it in right away but if something like that crops up again you might want to consider it. It could have been a one time fluke but you never know.

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Nov 1, 2011, 6:39:04 PM via Website

The poor battery life is common so I gather and the slow charging. You can find a higher capacity battery on E Bay for approx 10 GBP which I intend to get very soon.

Even with major power saving, I am getting less than a working day from the battery. I believe this to be a major marketing failure by Samsung, as it will give the phone a bad name in a fiercely competitive market (as will the appalling Kies software).

The higher capacity battery is 2430 Namh (I think the rating is called) and the standard battery fitted is 1600 thereabouts.

Clearly the processor is going to demand a lot of power, so it is only commonsense to give the device a battery which will cope. It would not add a significant amount of money to the selling price of an already expensive handset.

When I have used the new higher capacity battery, I will log back in and report on my findings.


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Nov 2, 2011, 9:27:44 AM via Website

I have a Samsung Galaxy S and I also experience high temperatures, so much so that my phone would set off an alarm warning me. I've found out my reason, so perhaps you too might see what your phone is doing at the time it runs hot,
In my case I was listening to music, charging the phone, downloading an app and I found that the phone was updating some of my installed apps. Now i figure the processor would have been working hard, plus the recharging was generating some battery heat as well. Temp 58 degrees.
I have a battery monitor which logs and graphs various data about the battery. That helped me pinpoint my problem. You might find something like that useful in determining an issue or at the very least have a log of your problem that you can show to whoever might service your phone.

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