does apps here support point of view mobii gen 7" tablet

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Feb 24, 2011, 4:23:03 AM via Website

I want to know if the applications in your site support ( point of view mobii gen 7" tablet )
they say in the product site FAQ in an answer to a question if there is application market for the device that it support applications from your site
is that is true ?

and that is the link

the second thing i want to know from your great site is
Is that device which comes with android 2.1 can read pdf files
because that is the main function which i need in that device
can any body help!!!!!!!!!!

and please i want to hear to your advice about that device
i will buy it from an Egyptian website but its tooooooo high in price with the Egyptian currency about 1600 Egyptian pound
from that site as it is safe but too expensive

so will that device help me in reading my pdf files which i store in my computer or i will lose my money with no profit
i wait for your answers and advices also

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Feb 24, 2011, 11:03:28 AM via Website

Have you already bought the tablet? If you have not yet bought it, wait for a while. What is your budget for the tablet? Is the mobii gen 7 as much as you want to pay?

This page here links to the download for Adobe Reader, which will let you open .pdf documents. However, make sure that your tablet has the same specs as listed here, to make sure the app will run properly.

The AndroidPIT App Center is an app you can download which will give you access to many of the same apps that can be found on the official Android Market.

We get some complaints about the mobii gen 7", so you might want to look at other Android tablets. If you want official Android Market support, you can look at the Samsung Galaxy Tab, plus a handful of other tablets. However, I have a feeling they will be much more expensive than the Mobii.

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Feb 24, 2011, 11:44:54 PM via Website

thanks for your reply
i haven't bought it yet but i searched a lot in our huge computer markets for epad or something like it but i didn't find all have apple ipad
but its too expensive about 6000 pound
my upper limit is something like 2500 pound ( 430 U.S dollars)
i have found 3 devices available here in Egyptian websites which are safe they are
the point of view mobii gen11 7 " it costs here 1600 pound

KeyBoard No KB
Camera Yes Cam.
Audio Yes Audio
Functions E-mail management,Playing musics/movies
Brand Point of View
Model mobii GenII
Ports/Slots Micro USB ,Audio Output,Headphone 2.5mm
Touch Screen Yes TS
Display Size 7''
Resolution 800 x 480 pixels
CPU Model ARM 2818
CPU Speed 600MHz
Storage Type NAND Flash
Storage Size 16GB
WI-FI Yes Wi-Fi
Card Reader
Max. Size 32GB
Supported Type Mico SD Card
Battery Type Li-polymer
Battery Life 4-5 hours
Included Accessories Charger,Earphone,USB Cable

a Google android device which is either 1.6 or 2.2 i called the seller of the device and he said that the operating system is 2.2 it costs 950 pound

Google Android OS 1.6
VIA MW8505 600MHz Processor
128MB DDR2 800Mhz RAM
2GB Hard Drive
Aluminum Back Housing
7 inch(diagonal) TFT LCD Screen
800*480 Pixel Resolution
Touch Screen
802.11b/g/n LAN Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Network
1.3 MP Built-in Camera (not a webcam)
Stereo Speaker
3D Microphone
Support High-speed TF Card
Built-in Li-on Battery

Multi-media Features
E-book Reading
Customized Wallpapers
Desktop Basic Tools
Resource Management
Office Word/Excel/PPT/PDF
Google Chrome Lite/UCWEB Browser
Webmail services
MSN, Skype, G-Talk Instant Message
Online Video
Dynamic Games

Item Weight : 1.5 KG

but the provider said that the operating system is now updated to android 2.2
so please how can i be sure from the version of the operating system to avoid Commercial fraud

tablet PC 729 with windows xp it costs 2500 pound

v O/S: Windows XP
v CPU: VIA C7 -M 772 Esther, 1.2G, L2 cache: 128KB
v Chipset: VIA VX700@400MHZ
v Memory: DDR2 /1G @533MHz SODIM notebook memory
v Hard disk: SSD hard disk, 16G
v Display: 7.0" high-resolution color TFT LCD,resolution:800 x 480
v RJ-45: 10/100M WLAN network card
v USB:USB2.0, 2 Ports
v Audioi: Speaker + earphone
v DC: AC Charger
v SD card port: Work with card reader
v Battery:3000MAH Built-in Li-ion battery.
v Input equipments:Touch screen, USB mouse and keyboard
v Build in functions: WIFI, Camera,
v Office software: Support OFFICE,ACDsee,Powerpoint,PDF,WPS and other
office software.

Item Weight : 1 KG

the function i need is only book reading : pdfs , word , PowerPoint , chm and epub , pdb books and files easily
because i can't read in front of my PC for along time it is very uncomfortable
and i need to know which one is better as this 3 devices is the available here in Egypt up till now
and how to know the version of the OS of the android tablet

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Feb 25, 2011, 1:10:47 PM via Website

Windows XP is NOT optimized for touchscreens, so I highly discourage you from buying that 3rd tablet.

The specs of the second tablet are not good. 128MB of ram is very little and will give you problems. The lack of a brand-name for it makes me suspicious of it's quality. I think that you will not be happy with it.

The Mobii gen 7 is likely the best of the three.

However, are you sure that there is nothing better available? Have you looked at any online stores which ship to your home? They would likely have a bigger selection of better quality devices. Keep an eye out for Archos tablets, as they are supposed to be cheap, yet decently made and with okay hardware inside.

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Feb 26, 2011, 9:07:00 AM via Website

thanks for reply
i have excluded the 3rd device as you said
how can i know the version of the operating android system from inside the tablet to see if it is 1.6 or 2.2

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Feb 27, 2011, 12:16:01 AM via Website

i bought today an MID android 2.2 (tablette tactile) 2giga bite usb support wifi and Ethernet and adsl support for only 925 pound something like 160 dollars
many applications are installed on this device perfect smooth touch although short life battery ( from 1and1/2 to 3 hours)
although it has blue-tooth and GPS no applications are installed for these functions so i couldn't enable these on the tablet system
and i want you please to recommend some free but good applications for GPS and blue-tooth
thanks for your great effort

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Feb 27, 2011, 4:18:32 PM via Website

go to this web page and there will be instructions on how to install AndroidPIT's own app market onto your tablet, which will give you the ability to install lots of different apps. The app itself recommends other apps to try. In addition, you can go to the "tests" section of the websites and look at our app reviews, to get an idea of some good apps to try.

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Apr 20, 2011, 4:16:10 PM via Website

from where did u buy this tablet peter?????

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Apr 25, 2012, 7:24:31 PM via Website

Hello Guys,

I have just bought a mobii 7 , 2.1 android tablet!

Im disappointed that you cannot get you tube working on it due to not being able to download flash player.... Is there some sort of way to fix this problem?? I basically wanted it for youtube!

Also i know there is android pit but many of the apps in it are not as good as the "play store/google play", is there any way to download "play store/google market" onto this tablet??

I would love for some help as its real frustrating...


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Apr 25, 2012, 8:21:57 PM via Website

Dear Ryan,

just for your information, every app in the AndroidPit App Store exists in the play Store. It is not possible to upload an app here if this app is not in the Google Play store.

lg Voss

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