Need a calendar without time zone support (not an app)

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May 5, 2017, 3:11:03 AM via Website

Hi, I could really use one input.

I just need a calendar service that has no time zone option or support. I want to always type and read local time no matter where I travel to. Just like a paper calendar if you wish: if I type a meeting at 10am, I'd like it to stay at 10am no matter where I happen to be.

As someone who lives at two time zones and travels a bunch, this is ruining me.

I am familiar with various calendar apps. Currently I'm using CloudCal, but really, the app is not the problem.

As for the calendar service itself I have used Google Calendar for the longest. S major time zone screw-up, which silently messed up with my appointments against my will, made me give it up. I'm currently using outlook/exchange, but I'm again running into small problems too frequently.

Being able to sync between the mobile and a computer is important for me, and having an automated holiday input would be a plus. But really, I'm willing to give all else up just to have a calendar that won't mess with the times of my appointments due to time zones or travelling.