Concernes about S5 Rooted from Box

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Apr 9, 2017, 11:02:12 AM via Website

Hello all,

I recently purchased an S5 from eBay, at this time I won't post seller to protect them in event I'm just over worried.

It's advertised as new 'Comes with Original Box "not sealed"'

Everything seems great with the device however I've recently been "attacked" on a couple of accounts, eBay being one of them where someone changed the email address on the account. This came coincidentally (or maybe not so) a few hours after installing the eBay App.

And just today another website (Wonga) sent me an SMS saying my account may have been compromised. I've not used that service on the new device or installed any app. However checking today and it seems chrome's saved passwords from my Google account.

I'd also sold a Microsoft 950XL the same day I bought this phone, that was all factory reset and sent with a brand new memory card and I kept the card I'd be using in that phone. I looked at the eBay customer who'd purchased my phone to see if anything suspect may be going on there. I was half expecting to see dozens of phones purchased over a short period of time. Nothing there to raise any eyebrows.

So back to my point:

I installed AVG and the only thing it reported about the device is it had been rooted. This seemed very odd on a device that's new boxed and "opened for testing purposes".

I've noticed nothing out of ordinary about data usage, the phone's battery life seems about normal for such a device and the way I use it but have a little niggle about the fact it's been rooted and maybe there's something on there sending information without my knowledge.

AVG's ONLY report shows thus:

"Unsecure privilege mode detected. Your device is running in High Privilege mode (i.e., it has been rooted). We recommend using only genuine firmware. For more info, please see out FAQ"

Any advice/help would be greatly appreciated.

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Apr 9, 2017, 3:14:36 PM via App

This is how you can resolve the issue.
1.Download and instal Samsung Smart Switch on your computer.
2. Factory hard reset your mobile, erasing everything.
3. Now connect your phone to your computer and open Smart Switch. Go to the option for firmware update. Download the latest update (even though your S5 may already be having the latest update) and make a fresh install of the firmware on your phone, again erasing everything.
4. Hopefully the root will now be gone and you won't have to face rhe problems you're having.
5. Just in the case you have ultra-sensitive information and security concerns are overriding for you, just ditch that phone and buy a brand new one.

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