Illegal operations by ALL my android devices

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Apr 8, 2016, 8:47:01 PM via Website

Hello, I have a question that's not only need answers but needs resolutions as well..

Android devices are the best. Ios and Windows don't compare to android in flexibility and user operation..

But I have a major issue with android..

My study on this is thorough, it has happened on every single android device I have, and owned in the past..

I'll goto a webpage. And get redirected 35 million times before I can securely use the Web address I'm using, by hitting the back button, refreshing the webpage and sometimes just starting over the browser app. The Google play store comes up also in this and will automatically go to the play stor, without any authoration by me? WTF IS THAT BS??? Web pages need to just do what u say.. not what they feel like..

Seriously why hasn't anyone in the world fixed this yet? Simple put some algorithm in place that auto nukes Web pages your not asking to goto. Put another auto nuke algothrim in place to stop the God dam play store from bringing up the app without permission? Seriously if you didn't authorize the fucking app it should not just spam u 35 million times a day to download some stupid app I either already have from bloatware, (facebook, twitter,etc..) or some retarded app like candy crush???

Seriously people who developed android stuff.. wtf is ur problem, who the fuck do we need to knock some fucking sence into your unintelligent skull?

Listen make this fucking happen. Write the God dam algorithms now and fix this. All my God dam devices running android have this issue with ANY Browser I've ever used. Which means that's all of you too. Which is at least 60% of them. And it's 100% of the good browsers.

So somone either needs to go fuck the he'll off and get knocked the fuck off. Or just fix this, simple!! And have working Internet again... and have that fucking playstore app never activate unless I've clicked the fucking app on my home page.. HELLLO!!! FIX IT NOW!!!

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Apr 9, 2016, 2:16:01 PM via Website

Download some APK stores 1Mobile Market ,SlideME ,Aptoid app market ,these apps will not devert you to the playstore or the Kindle app store if you have one .enjoy

Paul Tracey

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