[Android 4.03+] Jit Call Recorder - Record both sides of the call

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May 10, 2015, 4:27:18 PM via Website

Jit Call Recorder

Google Play link - Search for Jit Call Recorder or just paste this in Google Play search: com.UIApps.JitCallRecorder.App

Jit Call Recorder is a call recording app which brings 2-way call recording capabilities without compromising on ease of use or user experience.

App highlights:

  • Built in 2-way call recording support for many devices (read more details below)
  • Built in System Audio Controls Editor (root required, TinyAlsa based) - If your phone does not record both sides of the call, most likely it is where you can enable it - or ask us to enable it for you using a configuration file
  • Material design
  • Multi-lingual
  • In-call floating movable widget to start/pause/resume recordings, and/or take call notes during calls.
  • Automatic call recording (with options to refine exactly who to record and who not, different options can be set to outgoing calls and incoming ones - options are: All, Contacts Only, Non Contacts Only and Manual - all with a combination of Selected / Ignored contacts lists)
  • Many user interface customization options
  • Toggle recording playback between speakers and earpiece
  • Take call notes during calls - with or without recording the call
  • Recording volume increase options - Try out our Automatic volume increase option, it's cool
  • Pin-code protection
  • Dropbox support (Google Drive and OneDrive will be added soon)
  • Categorize recordings - no limit on categories amount, create as many categories as you need
  • Import / Export recordings
  • Star important recordings
  • Easily find recordings - many filtering options PLUS free-text search
  • Delete or snooze recordings directly from the notification bar
  • Delete old recordings based on any of the following criterias: age, storage size limit or total recordings count
  • Share to any app that supports file/audio sharing
  • And many more options

Successful 2-way call recording has been confirmed by many users of our app on many devices.
Some devices come with 2-way call recording enabled without requiring root, others require root.
If your phone is rooted, most chances are that 2-way call recording is already working using Jit Call Recorder, or can be enabled by us (see FAQ section at the end of this post).

Specifically, we can personally confirm (after personally checking) that the following devices can record both sides of the call using Jit Call Recorder:

  • Nexus 4/5 (root required)
  • Moto G2 (root required)
  • HTC One M8 (Lollipop also supported, no root required)
  • Samsung Galaxy S2/S3/S4/S5/Note 3/Note 4 - including Mini versions of S4 and S5 (no root required except for some specific models, Bluetooth recording on S4 I9500 - and possibly other models - enabled with root)
  • LG G2/G3

We are extremely motivated on bringing 2-way call recording capabilities to as many devices as we can, and we are highly responsive, so please use us - if 2-way call recording is not yet working on your device, or if you have any other issue, contact us - we'll do our best to resolve it for you.

FAQ / Troubleshooting:

  • I can't hear the other side of the call
    If your phone isn't rooted, there is still a small chance that we can enable it for you. For example, HTC One M8 2-way call recording is disabled since Lollipop but can be enabled without root.
    If your phone is rooted - send us a debug report. We'll study it and do our best to send you a configuration file that will enable 2-way call recording for you.

  • Recording is sometimes out of sync with the call
    This is caused sometimes by poorly implemented manufacturer components, if you experience such issues check the "Apply call recording synchronization fix" check-box in Recording Options screen

  • Recording volume is not high enough
    From Recording Options screen, go to Output File Options screen and select "None" from the encoders list and Manual / Automatic volume increase.
    If you select Manual volume increase options, gradually increase volume and gain until you gain satisfying volume.
    Alternatively, use the following settings:
    In Recording File Options screen (available in Recording Options screen in app settings), set the followings:

  • Disable High Quality Recording option
  • Select AMR_NB in both Audio Encoder and Output Format options
  • If the above still does not help, Set Audio Source to Voice Call (in Recording Options screen)

  • There are many Audio Encoders to select from, which one should I choose?
    We highly recommend not to use Audio Encoders (leave the selection at "None"). Not all encoders are supported on all devices, and selecing a non supported encoded can cause many errors.
    We implement our own AAC/WAV encoding when "None" is selected, and we highly recommend using it

  • Which Audio Source should I choose?
    Stick with "Device Default". if you select "Microphone", most chances are that you won't hear the other side. If you select "Voice Call", it is not unlikely that recordings will fail because of poor implementation by the manufacturer.

  • Will you support other cloud-backup services besides Dropbox?
    Yes, support for Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive is planned for soon to come versions

The app is fully functional without a license with the following exceptions:

  • Display limit of 30 recordings - this is only a display limit, you can still record as many calls as you want
  • Recordings deletion is disabled
  • Recordings are not logically organized in recording folder (once license is applied, all recordings will be organized based on your selection in the Backup and Storage screen)

The license price is as competitive as can be - only ~1$ (depending on current Dollar rates).
Install license from Google Play by searching Jit Call Recorder License or just paste this in Google Play search: com.taptigo.jitcallrecorderlicense.

Enjoy :)

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