Help me hacking my Moto Droid

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Di Tao
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Sep 14, 2011, 4:15:42 PM via Website

First off Im not up to no good but I am studying CS and am thinking about doing a project about android security for the next semester. For my pratical example I want to try to harvets my info from my Droid. Has anyone tried this before? I need a case example and this seemed like the most logical option.

Heres what Im thinking of doing:
open plain-text passwords
Mail off a copy of my contat list
Create an open connection for other computers or devices

Is there any information I need to know before I try this out? will I brick my phone? Are t here any good tool or guides for how to go about a project like this?

jakson Robert
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Mar 7, 2012, 9:20:49 AM via Website

Well after looking at your question I did had some search over the net according to the hacking of the android phones, and I did found many such topic so I think this has been started and we all need to take care of it now because I have found that there has been trick to get hold on the android phones and all and I have saw some tricks were also written over there and I think you are the victim of this you need to contact to the Motorola service center and ask them what next now they would be having some solution to change the setting or do something so that you get released from this hacking stuff .