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One of the most popular card games for iOS is free for a limited time

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Would you like to play a game on your smartphone? If you use an iOS device, then our latest coffee break recommendation might be something for you! You can download Lost Cities for your iPhone or iPad. The mobile game costs $1.99, but is currently available for free and is the 14th most popular card game in the App Store.


  • Lost Cities is currently available for free for iPhone and iPad.
  • Title is ranked 14th most popular card games for iOS and iPadOS - 4,1 stars.
  • The app does not collect data, and does not contain in-app purchases.

Even though I'm not too fond of card and board games due to childhood trauma - my sisters forced me to play along - I know how many people love solitaire, poker and UNO. When I came across Lost Cities on the web this morning, I chose the title reluctantly for our latest coffee break. The mobile game is currently available for iOS and iPadOS for free instead of $1.99.

What initially attracted me, a gaming buff to the title, is that Lost Cities is currently the 14th most popular card game in the App Store. A top game to kick off your week. This is also represented in the solid rating with 4.1 stars out of almost 60 votes. So:  I'll give you a brief introduction to Lost Cities and you can go on and try it out!

Is the download of Lost Cities worth it?

From the moment I read "rows" and "coin values" on Lost Cities, my brain shut down. But I pushed on for you! If my tortured mind doesn't cloud my understanding, you have to arrange the cards in a playing field. Each row has a certain numerical value, which decreases when the cards, which in turn also have a numerical value, are inserted. Then, you place cards from the bottom to the top and must bring the negative values into the positive. Then you draw a new card from the pile.

Lost cities Screenshots iOS NextPit
Graphically I find Lost Cities appealing despite all my dislikes! / © NextPit

The simple tutorial drove me up the wall after five minutes. My apologies to Ms. Lindenbrock, the digital companion that tried to teach me the game. What I'm trying to say is: If you have any affinity for card games, you'll surely understand what you have to do. In any case, you've won when all the cards are empty and your points are high. Surely this is a very inviting goal to keep you playing! As for me, I will move to deal with the things that are more to my liking: Privacy and costs!

Does "Lost Cities" respect my privacy?

The first piece of good news is that Lost Cities is currently free - and once downloaded, it stays that way. Apple's App Store doesn't list any in-app purchases, and I couldn't find any costs in the game either. The second piece of good news is that the developer, TheCodingMonkeys, claims not to collect any user data.

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In summary, you get an obviously entertaining card game that costs nothing and also collects no data. So if you use an iOS device, the download is definitely advisable!

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