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Free apps for Android & iOS: these Pro versions are temporarily free!

NextPit Apps of the week 12
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If you want to spruce up your home screen on your smartphone by increasing the number of apps and games, why not check out our list for this weekend! We have specially curated apps and games for both Android phones and iPhones that are available for free for a limited time only! Let us show you how you can get your hands on these precious app downloads without having to spend a single penny.

This is because the Google Play Store and Apple's App Store offer discounts and promotions on a regular basis where you can obtain paid apps for free for a limited time only.

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We have rounded up these free apps and listed them for you, unlike our list of the five best apps of the week, we will not install all the apps listed below. However, do proceed with some degree of caution because some of these might require microtransactions to help you make progress in the game.

What are NextPit's highlights in this list? Perhaps those who have a love for aviation might be able to agree the Real Flight Simulator is more a misnomer than anything else. The McDonald's dollar menu vs this 99 cent (now free!) game - which is better? Discuss.

Tip: Do you want to keep the free app for the future—but don't need it right now? Just download and install it once, and uninstall it if you need the space. This way, it will still be added to and kept in your list of purchased apps, and you can download it again in the future for free once you need it.

Free apps for your Android phone

These apps are free in the Google Play Store

  • Star Link 2: Constellation ($0.99): They say that the best way to learn something is through experiencing it, which is why this app lets you draw out actual constellations by linking stars together. The next time you look up at the night sky, you might actually catch something that you have drawn on the app! 
  • Note Pro ($11.99): This is a notebook app that helps you jot down your ideas and any thoughts right on the spot. I'm not sure why it is so expensive in the first place, but since it is free, why not give it a go? Who knows, you might get a really good idea typed in here. 
  • Equalizer Bass Booster PRO ($1.99): So, your smartphone's tiny speaker isn't quite cutting the mustard for you when it comes to audio performance? Perhaps you might want to check out this app that claims to improve the sound quality of your phone that changes the original sound quality, and is compatible with any media player.
  • File Manager PRO ($11.99): Manage your files on your smartphone just the way you would on a desktop. In fact, it feels so intuitive, that you might be wondering why your laptop display has shrunk to a mere 6.7-inches. OK, so that is a lame joke!

These mobile games are free in the Google Play Store

  • The Wordies PRO ($1.99): I am not sure how a word search game can be considered relaxing, but The Wordies tout it is such with 5 game modes to choose from and over 500,000 English words to hunt down. You can even challenge other players from around the world, now how about that?
  • One Shot ($0.99): Do you think your angles game is good enough for this game? Try to let your ball escape by bouncing off the walls and obstacles with just a single shot.
  • RFS: Real Flight Simulator ($0.99): Do take this game's title with a pinch of salt because seriously, a game that normally costs a buck can't be THAT realistic.
  • Cartoon Craft ($0.99): This game is a cartoonish real-time strategy title, where there can be only one winner as you crush your opponents with your army. 
  • Fire Fall Rescue Quest ($1.49): A game that tests your reflexes and not your memory, it offers simple yet engaging graphics as you attempt to clear each level with careful, precise moves. 
  • Wind Wings Space Shooter ($1.99): A space shooter where you attempt to mow down all alien ships in your sight so that you can save the galaxy. It does not get any more straightforward than that.
  • Subway Jungle Run Surf Runner ($10.99): Yet another endless runner game that requires you to, well, run for your life while collecting different rewards and power ups to aid your quest. 

Free apps for your iPhone

These apps are free for iOS

  • Remote Numpad Keyboard ($3.99): Transform your iPhone into a numeric keypad anywhere you are! This is assuming your laptop does not have a numeric keypad on the keyboard, and with iPhone screens being so large these days... 
  • Orderly: Simple To Do Lists ($0.99): Love putting everything down in lists so that you are able to better organize your life? Then this is the perfect app for you!
  • Epica 2 PRO ($0.99): Go nuts with your collection of photographs using this app! You will be able to modify existing photos with new poses, new special effects, and even throw in new scenes, now how about that? 
  • Navigate to Photo ($0.99): Now here is a convenient method of navigating using just about any photo. Select up to 5 different photos, and let the app show you the way. 
  • Earthquake Network ($0.99): We not only live in politically turbulent times at the moment, but you can never quite tell when will be the next big one, can you? Perhaps having an app that alerts you of earthquakes might be able to help you be more prepared. 
  • ACDSee Pro ($5.99): Make the most of your iPhone's camera with this app, where you can capture seemingly perfect photos with ACDSee Pro for iPhone. This app combines a professional grade camera and photo editor with all the tools required to produce stunning photographs.

These mobile games are free for iOS

  • PreK Preschool Learning Games ($4.99): Let your preschooler prepare for life (yeah, right!) with this game that appeals to the little ones.
  • RFS Real Flight Simulator ($0.99): Experience flying an aeroplane on your iPhone screen. Again, like its Android counterpart, you won't go too far considering the simplicity of it all. 
  • Girl City Fighter Street Fight ($0.99): Why is it that most people are interested in girl-on-girl action? By this, I mean catfights and fisticuffs that break out among the ladies. Perhaps it is time to install this game and find out for yourself.
  • Jumpy Wheels ($0.99): Talk about not running in circles, but this game's mechanics are simple enough. Tap the screen to jump with the moving ball, where you color the wheels to score points and proceed to the next level. Of course, there will be obstacles in the way that will try to stop you - will you let that happen?
  • Vive le Roi 3 ($4.99): This puzzle and anticipation game does not rely on chance or timing. Think your way through by solving mini puzzles, selecting the right ladder on each floor in order to save the king's head from being separated from his shoulders in time. 
  • The Woman from the Window Game ($0.99): Want to be (un)pleasantly surprised? You are all alone, and finding your way around, you will certainly find different surprises—in a nasty way! Try to stay alive!
  • No Paint ($1.99): Now this is an interesting app by its own right. The premise is simple: Press "Paint" if you like what you see or "No" if you don't! Slide your finger over to the painting to "Nudge" and tap the painting to pause, title, and save. Mindless yet a time-killer.

We hope that our efforts have not been in vain, that you would have found some interesting new apps. Have you spotted a paid app in the list? Then we would be happy for you to drop a hint to us in the comments!

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