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Free apps for Android & iOS: Get these apps without paying a cent

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Once again this week, apps and games for both Android phones and iPhones are available to download for free for a limited time only. We will share with you how you can get your hands on these precious downloads.

If you've been following NextPit for a while, you will know what to expect here in this article: The Google Play Store and Apple's App Store regularly offer discounts and promotions where you can obtain paid content for free for a limited time only. We collate these freebies and list them for you, But unlike our list of the five best apps of the week, we will not try the apps out on purpose. Hence, be a little bit careful before you fall into a money pit as some apps may still include microtransactions.

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Tip: Do you want to secure a free app for the future? If so, download it once and uninstall it if necessary. This way, it will be added to your list of purchased apps and you can download it again in the future once you need it.

Free apps for your Android phone

These apps are free in the Google Play Store

  • Orb 3D Live Wallpaper ($2.49): With Orb, you can enhance your background with amazing 3D live wallpapers that will take full advantage of the AMOLED displays, boasting colorful and gorgeous graphics. The developer claims that battery usage is minimal, and it even reacts to the gyroscope and touch motion as you can control the live wallpaper.
  • Reminder Pro ($2.99): Here is a reminder app without any pesky advertisements to thwart your day. If you want a simple pop-up reminder app or create reminders for one-time and recurring tasks, then Reminder Pro is right up your alley. It is simple yet versatile to help you organize your life.
  • SkanApp ($19.99): Always wanted to scan documents while you are on the move? If that is the case, then SkanApp is right up your alley! Place your smartphone in the Skanstick (which is sold separately on Amazon), and you can now have a hands-free experience that lets you hold and scan stapled documents, folded receipts, books, and magazines. Heck, you can even add voice remarks without having to interact with the phone. With a scan speed of more than 250 pages in 10 minutes, it is time you declutter your office!
  • Smart Loan Calculator Pro ($8.49): Taking a loan is not as straightforward as you think it is, so why not make sure you have the Smart Loan Calculator Pro on hand to help you with the calculations? This app supports principal equal repayment, principle equal repayment, and maturity repayment figures, and there is also a meticulous Payback Schedule for easier budgeting. 

These games are free in the Google Play Store

  • Ethereal Enigma ($9.99): Want to play a cartoon instead of watching it? Ethereal Enigma is right up your alley then as you indulge in this visual novel that is set in a modern day world. Hundreds of decisions ultimately impact the outcome of this story, where relationships with friends will change over time, some of them even leading to romantic bonds. You get a full English voice cast for not only your main group, but also all side and extra characters.
  • Ace Academy ($9.99): Here is yet another visual novel that is set in a futuristic Academy. The numerous decisions you make will lead to branching paths, where a uniquely personalized story will unfold. There are no in-app purchases or paywalls to contend with, so just enjoy this game when you want to kill some time!
  • Crystalline ($9.99): This visual novel will certainly get your imagination up and running, and if you do not like to read books but want to enjoy a modern iteration of the old "Choose Your Own Adventure" book series, then Crystalline will definitely throw you into a RPG-like setting with memorable characters.
  • Zombie Avengers ($0.99): Get your adrenaline pumping with one of the best action side-scrollers in 2016! It boasts grand stages, flashy skills, stylish equipment, and explosive combat, making it the perfect combo of Stickman and zombies as you attempt to save humanity from an overwhelming zombie invasion.
  • Cat Town ($2.49): Cat lovers, here is one app for you! Build a house for stray cats and decorate the cat town. Of course, to do so, you will need to collect money by touching toys. Anything that helps house cute kitties is always welcome, and you can play a role in their development by helping them practice hunting! There are more than 200 cats to collect in total.
  • Infinite Launch ($0.99): Launch rockets and colonize planets in order to expand the human empire. Tasks include deploying satellites to harvest stars and unlock new skins. There are risks involved in space exploration, including dangerous asteroids and black holes.
  • Ghost Hunter ($1.49): This idle RPG pits you in a very interesting situation where a powerful dragon has revived monsters as ghosts. Your task is to discover weak points in the ghosts and plot your victory carefully, using special equipment and heroes as you traverse different dungeons simultaneously. 
  • Grow Heroes VIP ($0.99): Using a phone with one hand is one thing, but to play games with just one hand? One might think that you need a smartphone that is small enough in the first place, but Grow Heroes VIP has been developed in such a way where it can be played using just one hand! The retro style graphics are appealing, as the combat system involves clearing dungeons of monsters using your collection of specially curated heroes.

Free apps for your iPhone

These apps are free for iOS

  • Studies ($4.99): Master your studies with this flashcard app that is meant to help you remember and understand what you have learned. Use it as a tool to extend your knowledge, and the app is clever enough to bridge different fields of studies, from medicine to law, language, history, driving, fine art, music, martial arts. 
  • Finale To Do ($4.99): Want to remain on the ball at all times when it comes to work? Finale To Do is the perfect app for you then, being a powerful task manager, planner, and reminder. This flexible tool helps you organize work, life, studies, hobbies, grocery lists, or anything you throw at it. Key features include the ability to set multiple reminders, organize tasks with automatic Smart Lists, smart date recognition, and informative home screen widgets.
  • Maybe Baby Fertility Tracker ($4.99): Have you and your partner been longing to hear the pitter-patter of tiny feet around the house for the longest time, but somehow have always failed in your efforts? Perhaps this app might be able to help you achieve your couple goals as it keeps track of your ovulation and tells you when you are at your most fertile.
  • Walker ($2.99): 10,000 steps daily, isn't that the goal for most people in order to be healthier? Well, why not get an app to help you out while you are at it? Walker will not only keep track of your walk, it gamifies the experience as you earn walkens and win trophies to make the entire 'walking' thing more fun. This app tracks your daily steps, distance, activity, workouts, water intake, nutrition, and sleep data in a fun, interactive manner.

These games are free for iOS

  • A Noble Circle ($1.99): It is said that hope comes in many dimensions. Whenever there is no more hope, death is surely knocking at the door. Discover hope anew with Mr. Circle in this unique game, as Mr. Circle takes a journey through Flatland, a two-dimensional world. This game was inspired by the novella "Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions" by Edwin Abbott Abbott.
  • Daily Spin and Coin Master Pro ($1.99): This can be considered as a mindless app, where it offers you daily free Spins and coins. You will be able to collect free spins daily and use the fruit of your labor to purchase new themes. There is also a built-in card game and you can also enjoy 24/7 support if you run into issues.
  • Pegasus Flight Simulator ($9.99): Playing Microsoft's Flight Simulator is definitely something that can help you out if you ever find yourself in a pickle and need to fly a plane, but the Pegasus flight simulator? This is just for shit and giggles, where you control a flying horse in an open world. With 15 levels to enjoy, you fly your horse to collect checkpoints and hidden stars. 
  • Vive le Roi 3 ($4.99): This is a puzzle and anticipation game that is based on mini puzzles which need to be solved by selecting the right ladder on each floor to arrive at the king in time and save him from his executioner. You will find the concept of labyrinths being very prominent here, and there is myriad obstacles such as doors, monsters, moving guards, and tunnels that attempt to thwart you.

Don't worry if there was nothing that stood out in particular for you today (and hey, I'm sure there was something that piqued your interest!). If you find an app that is no longer available for free, do leave us a comment. Thank you!

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