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Which Android and iOS Apps are Free?

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Here we are at the start of another week, bringing fresh hope for those who recharged themselves over the weekend. Are there games and apps that you would like to try, but they happen to be expensive or you are on a tight budget? Do no worry, as we provide you with a list of free apps and games to try out each week. This new list of apps and games is currently available for free on both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

You may wonder, "How is this even possible? Isn't everything supposed to be paid?" Well, let's be real. Certain developers do feel generous and have decided to offer their titles for nothing. However, you need to act fast because these offers are only available for a limited time. It's the perfect opportunity for early adopters to get their hands on some amazing deals!

Now, you might ask yourself, how is this different from our regular Top 5 Apps of the Week list? Well, we don't personally review each app in this list. While some of them may have advertisements and in-app purchases, they still offer great value. So go ahead and explore this week's selection of free apps. You never know, you might stumble upon a hidden gem of a game or a useful productivity tool!

Tip: If you come across an app that you'd like to have but don't need right now, download and install it first. It would be considered as "bought" and it will be available in your app library forever—even if you uninstall it from your smartphone right after.

Android apps and games that are free for a limited time

Android apps for productivity and lifestyle

  • PowerAudio Plus Music Player ($0.49): Don't have a music streaming subscription as you prefer to stick to your MP3 collection? No problem, this app plays back that audio file format.
  • Notch Effects ($0.99): Have a notch on your Android phone? Why not make the most of it with this app that offers unique animations around it.
  • Xproguard App Lock ($3.49): Keep your apps away from eavesdroppers as you can lock each app with a security pattern.
  • Sleep Sounds Offline Calming ($14.99): Finding trouble sleeping? Let this app play back some calming sounds to send you to dreamland.
  • Bookmark Manager ($0.99): Save bookmarks independently from the browser, allowing you to launch the desired page from a single location.

Free Android games

  • Survival Island: Evolve Pro ($0.49): You're washed up on an island all alone and need all your wits to survive. Can you make it?
  • Jungle Collapse 2 Pro ($1.99): An educational word puzzle game that will keep your brain working overtime as you solve the different puzzles.
  • Shadow Knight: Ninja Fighting ($0.99): Blitz your way through a constant wave of never-ending enemies with your ninja skills.
  • Fractal Space HD ($1.99): A 3D FPS that will require your reflexes to be at their best as you navigate each level.
  • Defense Zone HD ($2.99): A classic tower defense game that requires you to strategically place turrets to reduce incoming enemy waves to smithereens.

iOS apps that are free for a short time

iOS apps for productivity and lifestyle

  • Safety Note+ Pro ($3.99): Jot down your private thoughts in this notes app with an added layer of security to prevent prying eyes from looking at them.
  • Bookends ($10.99): A reference management app for students to use, making their research and thesis writing experience an easier one. 
  • Epica 2 Pro ($0.99): Create zany photos with this camera filter app, where everyone can be a monster!
  • Calcvier ($2.99): Transform your keyboard into a calculator without the need to switch between apps or widgets.
  • Pros and Cons ($2.99): Having trouble making a decision? This app will help you list down the pros and cons of a certain decision, leaving you room to make a better-informed decision.

Free games for the iPhone and iPad

  • Car Mechanic Tycoon ($3.99): Want to be the best in the neighborhood? This game allows you to take pole position as a car mechanic.
  • Macrocosm ($3.99): Everything has a beginning, so here's a journey from an atom to an entire galactic empire!
  • Clumsy Bomb ($1.99): You control a fun-loving bomb that loves to bounce around, but be careful! The wrong step will result in a massive explosion. 
  • Fit Beats ($1.99): Love EDM and think you have the rhythm to keep up with any track? Why not give your reflexes a go in this game?
  • Cooking Game for Kids ($5.99): Keep your little ones occupied with this cooking game as they whip up delicious recipes on the phone.

Before you download one of the apps mentioned, we recommend that you check the details of the app in the Play Store or App Store. This is important because some of these free apps may have their own special features or disadvantages.

In-app purchases and advertising: Don't be surprised!

Be careful with both free and paid apps, as they can hide in-app purchases and advertising. This is particularly significant when downloading games for children. To avoid unexpected problems, please follow the advice below:

App permissions: Read the small print!

In the world of mobile apps, there are a few cunning ones that employ crafty techniques to profit from gathering and disseminating your personal data. But fret not, tech-savvy readers, as we have some invaluable advice to help you fortify the security of your precious information. We strongly urge you to exercise caution when granting permissions to the apps you install.

Indeed, why should a simple alarm clock require access to your camera or contacts? And what justification does a flashlight app have for knowing your precise location? By carefully selecting which permissions to grant, you can effectively shield your personal data from prying eyes.

So go ahead and delve into the vast selection of free app downloads available on your Android or iOS device, knowing full well that your data remains safe and protected.

Are you so riveted on the Euro 2024 championship that you have neglected your phone? If there was an app or game we missed that you think the community would benefit from, do leave a comment.

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