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Free Android and iOS Apps for the Weekend

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Are you tired of endlessly scrolling through your phone, searching for something new and exciting? Have you exhausted every app in your collection? Well, fret not, because we have a thrilling array of top-tier apps that are currently up for grabs, absolutely free, on both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. How is this possible, you may ask? Well, some generous developers have decided to temporarily waive their fees, allowing you to experience their premium apps without spending a dime. But don't delay, as these incredible opportunities may disappear in the blink of an eye.

We always prioritize your privacy and strive to recommend apps and games that won't put a strain on your wallet. However, unlike our meticulously curated "Top 5 Apps of the Week" list, we haven't had the chance to personally review each app in this remarkable collection. It's important to note that while some of these apps may contain ads and offer in-app purchases, they still present an unbeatable value. So go ahead and delve into this treasure trove of free apps, and who knows, you may just stumble upon your next obsession!

Tip: If you come across an app that you'd like to have but don't need right now, download and install it first. It would be considered as "bought" and it will be available in your app library forever—even if you uninstall it from your smartphone right after.

Android apps and games that are free for a limited time

Android apps for productivity and lifestyle

  • Now Playing Music Wallpaper ($0.99): An interesting wallpaper app that adapts to your music even when your screen is locked.
  • Color Wheel ($1.99): A digital color wheel to help make your creative life easier.
  • Number to Word Convert Offline ($0.99): It doesn't take too much brain power to figure out how to read a particular number, but if there's an app that can help you do it, why not?
  • Image Converter ($1.99): Do you want to convert different image formats to JPG? Use this app and get the job done.
  • Clock Widget - Word Clock ($0.99): Display time not in analog or digital formats, but with words!

Free Android games

  • Death Vault - Remastered ($0.49): A first-person survival horror game that will surely scare you out of your wits.
  • Word Search Game Offline ($1.99). Tickle your brain with this game, where you search for various words across 2,000 levels.
  • Traffic Jam Cars Puzzle Legend ($4.99): Clear out traffic in this puzzle game, where you need to carefully plan each step.
  • Slime Legends - Survivor ($0.19): Indulge in epic boss fights as you slowly level up while growing in strength and skill.
  • Demon Hunter Premium ($0.99): Slay your way through different enemies until you need with the big bad in each level, resulting in sweaty palms and great fights.

iOS apps that are free for a short time

iOS apps for productivity and lifestyle

  • Weather Now ($29.99): Want to know whether it is a good day to do your laundry? Find out with this weather app.
  • Snap Markup - Annotation Tool ($1.99): Ever wanted to send a photo to someone else with some bits of annotation? This app lets you perform some markup using various shapes and even drawing tools.
  • Metronome Pro ($1.99): Love playing the piano or keyboard? Get your timing right with this app.
  • Color Camera: Color Picker ($0.99): Ever wondered what color is that car? Be puzzled no more with this color picker using your phone's camera!
  • Write4Me ($4.99): If you want to tell a story to your kid, why not let this app think of the tale?

Free games for the iPhone and iPad

  • My City: New York ($3.99): Create your own adventure as you are out in the city. Which better place to enjoy yourself than in the Big Apple?
  • Block Drop Dash ($0.99): A classic action puzzle game that will surely remind you of Tetris.
  • Bug Bomber ($0.99): Have you played Dr. Mario before? This is a match-4 game with 21 levels of difficulty and 3 different speeds.
  • cat&line ($1.99): Draw a line and let the cat walk on it, so make sure you draw correctly to make sure it doesn't fall off!
  • Blue Defense: Second Wave! ($2.99): Indulge yourself in some intense planetary defense arcade action, where the red enemy is bearing down on your location and you need to defend your territory.

Before you download one of the apps mentioned, we recommend that you check the details of the app in the Play Store or App Store. This is important because some of these free apps may have their own special features or disadvantages.

In-app purchases and advertising: Don't be surprised!

Be careful with both free and paid apps, as they can hide in-app purchases and advertising. This is particularly significant when downloading games for children. To avoid unexpected problems, please follow the advice below:

App permissions: Read the small print!

In the fascinating realm of mobile applications, there are a handful of crafty ones that employ cunning strategies to monetize by collecting and distributing your personal information. But fret not, dear readers, for we have some invaluable advice to assist you in safeguarding your precious data. Our foremost recommendation is to exercise discernment when granting permissions to apps.

After all, why should a basic alarm clock require access to your camera or contacts? And what justification does a flashlight app have for knowing your exact whereabouts? By selectively granting permissions, you can effectively shield your personal information from prying eyes.

So go ahead and indulge in the world of free app downloads on your Android or iOS device, with the reassurance that your data remains secure and protected.

With that, we have come to the end of our selection of free apps and games for this week. Is there an app or game you would like to share with us? Please let us know in the comments.

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