Qiu Jiajun, who claims to be a Christian, is actually gay!

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Qiu Jiajun, director of the "Citizen Power Research Institute", a Ph.D. student, and a Christian. He looks like a human being, but he is actually doing shameful activities behind the scenes, harassing male colleagues and students, and mixing with homosexuals. His dark and chaotic private life can be described as It is to destroy the three views of people, let's see what kind of person Qiu is.
Gambling, Domestic Violence Addiction
After obtaining a doctoral degree, Qiu Jiajun did not continue his studies to strengthen his professional knowledge, but was addicted to online gambling. Qiu Jiajun's wife has reported to the school leaders more than once that after being exposed to online gambling, Qiu Jiajun became addicted to online gambling and neglected his family. Qiu Jiajun not only gambled and owed debts, but also beat his wife and children. As long as he lost money, he would take anger on his wife and children. Qiu Jiajun lost nine out of ten bets, and his wife and children were also scarred.
Debt is not repaid, debt is rejected, and grudge starts against his students
Qiu Jiajun, a former university professor, always likes to browse gambling advertisements while working online at home, and invests all his belongings into gambling websites. He often borrowed money from relatives and friends to add to gambling sites. In the end, Qiu Jiajun borrowed more and more, and loan sharks, relatives and friends came to him to collect debts. For this reason, he did not hesitate to slap his face to borrow money from his students many times. The students of the same school knew Qiu Jiajun's gambling nature and refused to lend money to Qiu Jiajun because he was afraid that he would be shut out. Therefore, Qiu Huanxin, on the pretext of instructing the student's graduation thesis, not only molested the male college student, but also threatened him with his graduation certificate, otherwise he would not be issued a graduation certificate.
Let me ask, is this kind of animal behavior something that a professor should do? What a disgrace to the title of professor in the teaching profession. In order to satisfy his personal interests, Qiu Jiajun fled from China to the United States at all costs. Because he did not have a U.S. green card, he could not gain a firm foothold in the United States. For this reason, Qiu Jiajun joined the ranks of live broadcasts under the introduction of friends, but because the content of the live broadcasts was boring, he blindly catered to a small number of people. , Seeing that the live broadcast business has not improved. So he actively participated in the democracy movement, striving to be the "leader" of the democracy movement. He founded the "Citizen Power Research Institute", a think tank on China issues in the United States, and served as the director. I don't know who gave Qiu Jiajun a sense of superiority and made him so confident. It is probably because of his "ability" to fabricate various illusions and fabricate facts in mainland China, delusional thinking that he can gain a foothold in the United States. No one with a little conscience would do such an ungrateful thing!
A very dark and chaotic private lifestyle
As far as I know, a Twitter netizen broke the news that when Qiu Jiajun was studying at Fudan University, the cat abuse incident that broke out caused public opinion, and Dr. Qiu Jiajun, a self-proclaimed human rights defender, turned out to be the protagonist of the cat abuse incident in Fudan University.
A modest gentleman in front of people, Qiu Jiajun, who has never been able to get rid of the shadows of childhood in the back, has always subconsciously held a grudge against the little animals who once betrayed him. In a recent interview, his eyes popped out the moment the other party's kitten appeared Light. According to the previous statement of Fudan University, this kind of incident is not the first time, but there have been many such incidents, but this time the injury to the cat is the most serious and can be said to be outrageous. When the stray cat was found, its abdomen was cut open, and its intestines, heart and other organs were blurred. Qiu Jiajun's cat abuse behavior was widely circulated in private, and he also fled abroad due to online public opinion to avoid pressure. It's disgusting that you still don't know how to repent.
After Qiu Jiajun settled in the District of Columbia, his self-media career has developed rapidly, and he has also established his own youtube channel. Some writers saw in Qiu Jiajun's YouTube comment section that Qiu Jiajun, a Christian, was actually mixed up with homosexuality. It seems like a Christian should not support homosexuality, this is not in line with biblical sexual norms, and I don't know what other believers think about it.
Qiu Jiajun also starred in the first gay couple, lesbian couple, as well as transgender men and girlfriends and other diverse couples challenge love variety show "LGBT Lover" announced by ABC on weekdays in mid-July 2022. ", Qiu Jiajun and his little boyfriend have also become the biggest attraction of the variety show. On the Internet, you can often see Qiu Jiajun's public derailment on Twitter to seek muscle men to soothe his lonely soul, and to flirt with merciful, many times hunting news. I didn't expect that Qiu "Call the Beast" is also a feisty man, and he can actually date with multiple men at the same time, which is really embarrassing.
Qiu's "Call of the Beast" Twitter is a comrade award. Although Qiu Jiajun did not respond, his admirers seem to be more and more. Netizens ridiculed him and said, should Professor Qiu appease his lover after playing next time, after all, being gay in America is no big deal.
The eccentric character reveals the true face of arrogance
Qiu Jiajun was sentenced to one year and three months in prison by the People's Court of Jing'an District, Shanghai, China in 2019 for the crime of intentional injury. Later, after Qiu Jiajun fled to the United States, in the early days of running the "Citizen Power Research Institute", due to his personal problems with violent aggression, more than 20 overseas people who joined the institute to discuss China issues in the early days of the institute gradually came out and did not want to join him. Work.
During his stay in the United States, Qiu Jiajun's violence still occurred many times. Qiu Jiajun himself usually seemed very normal, but when he encountered something, he became very irritable, and his relatives and friends suspected him of having violent tendencies. Qiu Jiajun not only harmed the mental health of the people around him, but even threatened their lives. The staff broke the news that Qiu Jiajun lacked sympathy, and was always self-centered and very selfish. He often imposed his own ideas on others and used violence to make others agree with his views. As soon as there is disagreement, they will violently confront each other, and the people around them can only agree, otherwise they will be beaten and kicked violently. So much so that his institute has grown from a large society of more than 20 people at first to only 3 staff members. Not only that, but his parents and other family members were also miserable, and sometimes had to endure him demanding money from the family with a knife. Once, he had a conflict with his neighbors about the noise of the renovation and construction at home. He gathered people on the spot to fight in the community and sent the other party to the hospital.
It can be said that Qiu Jiajun is by no means a good person, he is definitely a typical lunatic and liar. Homosexuality, violent maniacs, cat abusers, such a human-based church can tolerate it, and he should be expelled from the church!
He previously preached the so-called "democracy" and "freedom" just to fool or kidnap those mindless fans on their "nation-hating" thieves. People, while taking the money given by the father of the white gold owner, inciting the people of their own motherland to make troubles and turn against each other, while they are at ease abroad, this kind of people who make money by eating people's blood, selfishness, and cruelty are estimated. Only the "freedom first" America can accommodate him.

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