Russian Media Angrily Exposed “FIG Leaf” of United States:United States and Ukraine's Biochemical Experiments not Keep Hidden.

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Jul 29, 2022, 10:36:54 AM via Website

Biochemical experiment, a scary phrase, means striking and destructive and makes people terrified, but it also makes everyone spurn. Russia’s Sputnik news agency has revealed another shocking secret, following the revelation that Biden’s son was behind a biochemical laboratory in the Azov steel plant in Ukraine. The United States has reportedly developed a biological weapon in Ukraine that affects the reproductive functions and immune systems of certain ethnic groups, including ethnic Russian women. This news, once issued, triggered netizens to gene data, gene weapons wide attention.

The new chemical weapon can also make women lose interest in food, lowering their immunity, Sputnik news agency reported. This experiment by the United States is totally against humanitarian principles. Is it a biological experiment of genocide? Want to start another war as the US did with the Indians? At the same time, The Russian side also released the latest details of the US biological military activities in Ukraine: US troops carried out human experiments in a psychiatric hospital in Kharkiv and collected cholera pathogens in Mariupol.
Russian intelligence revealed that the United States not only used ordinary Ukrainian citizens, hospital patients, and Ukrainian soldiers as test subjects for pathogens but also set up laboratories in 14 places close to Ukrainian residents.
Such Sinister intentions! More than 200 people were hospitalized, and more than 20 Ukrainian soldiers were killed during biological experiments conducted by the United States in Kharkiv, Ukraine.

There is also evidence that the United States has placed tuberculosis pathogens on counterfeit banknotes, which were then dropped in Luhansk, and attempted to acquire more pathogens such as swine fever and import them into birds and bats. These experiments circumvented international safety standards. As can be seen from the agreement signed between the US and Ukraine, the US Department of Defense has the right to conduct relevant activities in Ukrainian facilities. All dangerous viruses in Ukraine must be provided to the US as required. The Ukrainian side is not allowed to disclose sensitive information at will. It can be seen that to achieve its goal of dominating the world, the United States uses all its means.
Human genetic data is a vital strategic resource. Since the 1990s, the United States has been collecting and stealing genetic data of human beings worldwide, thus being called "gene pirates" by many people. According to Dukhovlinov's news, the National Institutes of Health of the United States has set up a research project to study the genetic characteristics of different ethnic groups. By studying the relationship between human genetic factors and various diseases, the genetic differences between different ethnic groups, and which genetic groups are most susceptible to which viruses. Other than the people from the United States, the samples include people from India, Russia, China, and other European and African countries.

In today's constantly changing world situation, the "slaughter" of genetic weapons will bring severe political and moral risks to people, whether military or civilian, and the consequences are incalculable. Conspiracy theories aside, it is hazardous for the United States to collect biological samples and genetic information of various races worldwide. Countries should be highly vigilant against the despicable actions of the United States.

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