Why should you use a VPN connection?

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Oct 12, 2021, 1:21:29 PM via Website

Your Internet service providers normally sets up your connection when you connect to the internet. It tracks you via an IP address. Your network traffic is routed through your ISP's servers, which can log and display everything you do online.

Encryption of your IP address:
The primary job of a VPN is to hide your IP address from your ISP and other third parties. This allows you to send and receive information online without the risk of anyone but you and the VPN provider seeing it.
Kill switch: If your VPN connection is suddenly interrupted, your secure connection will also be interrupted. A good VPN can detect this sudden downtime and terminate preselected programs, reducing the likelihood that data is compromised.
Two-factor authentication: Strong VPN checks everyone who tries to log in. For example, you might be prompted to enter a password, after which a code is sent to your mobile device. This makes it difficult for uninvited third parties to access your secure connection.
Encryption of procedures: VPN also prevent you from traces, for example, in the form of your internet history, search history and cookies. The encryption of cookies is especially important because it prevents third parties from gaining access to confidential information such as personal data, financial information and other content on websites.
Current usage of VPN’s
VPN users increased between 2016 and 2018. In countries such as Thailand, Indonesia and China, where internet use is restricted and censored, one in five internet users uses a VPN. In the USA, Great Britain and Germany, the proportion of VPN users is lower but growing.
One of the biggest drivers for VPN adoption in recent years has been the increasing demand for content with geographical access restrictions. For example, video streaming services such as Netflix or YouTube make certain videos available only in certain countries. With contemporary VPNs, you can encrypt your IP address so that you appear to be surfing from another country, enabling you to access this content from anywhere.

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Oct 18, 2021, 8:29:14 AM via Website

Reasons to use a VPN connection:
1. Security on Public Wi-Fi
2. Data Privacy From Your Internet Service Provider
3. Data Privacy From the Apps and Services You Use
4. Data Privacy From Your Government
5. Access to Any Content in Any Place
6. Security When Working Remotely
7. Easy to Use
8. Adaptable to Numerous Smart Devices
9. Breaking Geo-Restrictions