PDF ? How to open PDF files?

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Sep 8, 2021, 11:38:37 AM via Website

1. What is a PDF file?
PDF file is a portable document format, a fairly popular text file from Adobe Systems. Just like the Word format, PDF supports raw text along with fonts, images, sounds, and many other effects. A PDF document will be displayed the same in different working environments. This is also the outstanding advantage that PDF possesses that makes this format popular for publishing books, newspapers, or other documents over the Internet.

2. How to download PDF files?
When a colleague, partner, friend or anyone sends a document to you. You just need to click on the file and hit the download button in the top right corner ⬇.
3. How to save and read PDF files?
Useful [PDF Reader - Fast PDF Viewer][2] will help you solve the problems you are facing.
With all downloaded PDF files, PDF Reader will store and display them for you. You go to the application and search for the keyword of the file you want to find, the document will show up quickly.
In addition, the application also tells you how long you have just read a PDF file or never read a PDF file. This helps you to check unprocessed documents.
With a light or dark reading screen, you are free to choose according to your needs and preferences.
Fast, easy, convenient, and free. It's an app for you.

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