A Complete guide of OpenCart Modules for selling on a marketplace

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Sep 7, 2021, 11:47:36 AM via Website

Do you have an OpenCart platform? You are absolutely very smart to choose the CMS system that is very functional, easy to use, and features numerous modules. In fact,  whether you're a beginner in the world of eCommerce or someone who profoundly owns an eCommerce store, these OpenCart modules can help you sell on a marketplace. In fact, whether you choose to sell on a platform like eBay, Etsy or choose to build your own platform, these smart OpenCart Modules can help you through.

Let's now take a look at the smart OpenCart modules for the marketplace below in this blog.

Smart OpenCart modules by Knowband

OpenCart Etsy Integration module

Etsy is a well-known and impressive online marketplace for eCommerce entrepreneurs. Etsy Marketplace is a niche seller network that specializes in handcrafted and vintage products. Handcrafted products such as gems, aromas, toys, and much more are also available in the marketplace.

With the OpenCart Etsy Marketplace Integration, you may absolutely sell on a marketplace. The OpenCart Etsy Integration Extension makes the entire registration and selling procedure easier. The API key is available as soon as you register. With the Etsy OpenCart Integration, you can start there. After you've completed the registration process, you may establish as many profiles as you like on the various Etsy stores and begin selling.

That isn't the case at all! From the backend of the Etsy OpenCart Connector, you can manage everything. Without having to go to the marketplace, you can do anything from the shop, including listing products and tracking sales.

OpenCart eBay Integration module

eBay has a global user base of 182 million people. It's essential to invest in the OpenCart eBay Marketplace Integration Module.

The OpenCart eBay Marketplace Integration Extension allows you to seamlessly connect your OpenCart store to eBay. Selling on eBay has a number of advantages. The OpenCart plugin makes selling on a marketplace a breeze. From the backend of the module, you can absolutely handle and manage everything.

OpenCart Google Shopping Integration Extension

The OpenCart Google Shopping Integration Module allows the admin to list on Google Shopping. As a result, the shopper will easily locate your products when they search for the same among others. Then, by clicking the product link, customers may go right to your site and shop.

Knowband's OpenCart Google Shopping extension lets you link an entire product category to Google Shopping at once. Manual work is not required. With the Google Shopping OpenCart Integration, you can manage your profile, product listings, product status updates, and much more.

OpenCart Marletplace Module

This is the last of the smart OpenCart modules that you should know about. While the others help you sell on a platform, the OpenCart multi seller marketplace module allows you to build one for yourself. In fact, it gives you the power and control to handle everything without any hassle. For instance, allow sellers to sell their products, earn through 3 revenue models, track the transactions, and do a lot more.


You have a number of alternatives when it comes to selling on an internet marketplace. These smart OpenCart modules are, in reality, the most feasible alternatives. These three smart OpenCart modules are completely functioning and configurable options that we explored in this post. They can also help you reach a wider and more likely audience with your sales.

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